Thursday, August 25, 2016



Just back from most of two weeks doing field work in Cape Breton (gorgeous place, lovely people, highly recommended), and managed to finish up the basing on the Hanoverian cavalry I didn't quite manage to finish before I left.


These are the Hanoverian dragoons, Dachenhausen, or as I keep catching myself calling them, the Dachshunds.  They seem to have been commonly brigaded with their line cousins, who have a rather nifty mint green colour scheme (and will likely be my next unit of Hanoverian horse).


I tried something a little different with these guys, clipping the cast-on banners, and replacing them with wire and printed ones.  As with my infantry, the flags are clearly oversize / out of scale, and as with the infantry, I don't give a fig.  The Hanoverian units have some pretty interesting flags, and having them big enough to distinguish on the table is an effect I rather like.


With this lot done, there's a few things in the queue.  I've had an itch to do some more 15mm / 18mm, there's some Skorne primed up, I'd like to knock out another unit of Brit / Hanoverian infantry, and Cub and I just signed up at the G-dub for their October "Armies on Parade" event, which I'm hoping will spur me to paint up the Khorne guys from the AoS starter box (finally).  Work is shifting from summer research frenzy into the usual routine of Fall, and with a little luck, I should be able to get into some kind of painting rhythm.


I'm hoping to get in a game of something with the Cub this weekend, so hopefully will have some pics from that, and then back to painting.

On an unrelated note, "Big Lee", of the BLMG blog, is having a give-away to mark 2 million (well deserved) page views.  If you've not come across his blog yet, it's worth a look - he does a nice job of combining posts about minis and games with pics from his ramblings out to a wide range of historical museums.  Highly recommended.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Turning Worm

Hi all,

Figured I should get a post in before dropping off radar for a week or two (work related).  Behold, the majesty of the Razorworm:


It's a Skorne light warbeast, notable less for being particularly killy, and more for being a) manoeuvrable, and b) having excellent synergy with my boy Hexeris.  Hexy, in both his Primal and epic form, is able to run beasts as spell channellers (things that dramatically extend the range of his spells).  The Razorworm, in addition to it's mobility, can channel spells at double the usual range, and can see through clouds, and other line-of-sight blocking effects.  That makes it one of the most effective channelers in the game, and I'm a little puzzled why I didn't paint one up earlier.


As it turned out, we got a chance to try him in a game.  YYZ, one of the Toronto gang, was in town visting family, and we managed to get down to Monster Comic Lounge, a FLGS, for a game.  Cub came too ;)  He and I played his Khador, and YYZ took my Skorne.  We also played our first game of MK3, as the cards we'd ordered were there waiting for us on arrival.

Being a muppet, I forgot to bring my camera, but the game was pretty fun, given that Cub and I had no idea how things worked in the new edition, and YYZ has pretty much equally unfamiliar with the force he was commanding.  The Razorworm, ironically, didn't get much of a chance to shine, as I know exactly what it can do, and Cub and I made wrecking it an early priority.   YYZ had us on the ropes at one point, with all three of his combat warbeasts getting an alpha strike, taking out one of our juggernaughts, and banging up the other, but our destroyer evened the odds when it took out his Gladiator, and the game was swinging our way when YYZ had to leave.


While my experience is obviously limited, Mk3 seems pretty solid. As with the transition to Mk2, they've cleaned out and tightened up the rules, which have always been a strength of the game.  The tweaks they've made to points and abilities also have me reassessing my force. The Krea, for example, has gone from being a default-include defensive piece to something primarily suited to protecting against blast damage.  As something to protect high DEF, low ARM, costly troops, it'd shine, but as a general include, I dunno.

The Gladiator continues to shine, despite a mild nerf.   I'm coming to recognize how much of a lynch-pin he is, at least in the force I'm running.  As long as the gladiator is on the table, I'm in the game.  If he gets taken out, I'm in trouble.  Case in point was the game with YYZ, where he had us on the ropes until we killed his Gladiator, at which point you could physically feel the game swing out way.

Given how important he is, I'm giving serious thought to working another Gladiator, or at least another Titan, into the list.  A second gladiator would give me an excuse to pick up the new and improved Skorne starter box (all the new starter boxes, by the way, are ridiculous value for money), but as I have a Cannoneer (which look very cool in the new edition) and a Sentry (one of my favorite models in the game), I'll likely behave myself, and stick to painting what I have.

There's been some other changes too.  Venator Rievers have gained a bit of price cut, which is much appreciated.  They remain basic ranged infantry with a few bells and whistles, but I learned a long time ago to respect the power of the Combined Range Attack rule, and these guys will be staying in.  Cyclops savages remain dirt cheap, quick, melee light warbeasts, and I'd be hard pressed not to fit one in if I can.  The Rhinodon remains the red-headed stepchild of Skorne, having been slightly nerfed despite being the weakest heavy warbeast in the faction.  I love the guy though, as he IS my favorite model in the faction, and I can't seem to quit him.

Who could say no to that tummy?  Needs a good rub.

We played at 50 points, roughly equivalent to 35 at the old points level, which I have almost completely painted.  The new "competitive standard" points level seems to be 75, which gives me 30ish points to play with when planning the painting queue.  A Titan of some kind, and some more infantry are likely on the slate, with Arcuarii (elite, flexible, killy, but expensive) and Bloodrunners (fast, moderate price, ninjas) as possibilities.  I'm also thinking about painting up either eHexeris or pMorghul as a second caster.

In the meantime, my First unit of Hanoverian Horse are almost finished, and I seem to be getting back at least a bit of my painting mojo.  Life's no less busy *and I'm no less tired ;), but the big slump from last winter seems to be receding.  Matybe the sun is finally having its effect?

Thursday, August 4, 2016


Hi all,

So, as mentioned, I finished up the first of the Hanoverian units the other day.  This bunch initially presented me with a bit of a quandary.  My experience with the Baccus6mm SYW range to date has been exclusively French, who generally come with one flag bearer per command strip, i.e., per unit.  The Brits (who also serve as Hanoverians, as the uniforms used an extremely similar cut), come with two.

Wangenhiem R, Stolzenbur L.  The latter have black cuffs and lapels, the former white cuffs.

Upon inquiry with the sages, i.e., the internet, the general consensus was that the Brits carried both a regimental and "King's" flag.  Now, so did the French (which is why my French units have two flags, one per stand), but evidently, the French only carried double flags on the first battalion, and a single flag for the rest.  Also, while French regiments often had multiple battalions in the field, it was far more common for the Brits to have one.  All of this boiled down to an excuse to jam more flags into the unit, with the excuse that for the Brits and Hanoverians, each unit of two bases comprised (roughly) two battalions, from different regiments.  As such, I present the combined Wangenheim and Stolzenburg unit.

Picking out those tails was a pain in mine.  Do kind of like the flags, though.

I'm reasonably pleased with how this lot turned out.  The Brit figs are a little more fiddly than the French - more detail, more bunched together. For example, there's a clearly defined buckle on the chest strap.  This is rather cool, given the scale, but also presents something of a challenge for painting - how to a) pick out the detail in a way that makes it distinguishable, but b) doesn't leave the figure looking overly busy?  No doubt, I'll improve / resolve the issue with practice.

Cumberland's lads.

I've got some dragoons I'm working on next, and a Skorne Razorworm that just needs some varnish and flock.  They'll likely be the next few posts.  We're also waiting for the new cards for Warmahordes Mk III, which are on order at our FLGS, so hopefully will have a few AARs in the not too distant future.  Until then, enjoy what's left of the summer.


Monday, August 1, 2016

Return of the son of Warmachine

Hi all,

For several years now, I've been lugging around moderate-sized lead piles for Warmachine - Khador and Cryx specifically.  The main motivation (if pressed) was that some day, one of the kids might show an interest.  Guess what came up in conversation about a week ago, just before the Cub went to visit his mom?  Yep - he'd come across the MK. II rule book, and wanted to try a game.

Now with more "Mah".

We tried a test game yesterday, and his assessment was, "that was awesome!".  I gave him the choice of Khador and Cryx, and while I think the latter tempted him, the sheer smashy-ness of Khador seems to have won out.

For the Motherland.

His timing is perfect, as Privateer Press is just in the process of launching the third edition of the game. I'm looking into ordering the new faction cards for Khador, and my Skorne,  A basic .pdf of the new rules is available on the PP website, so we're reading up on the rules while we wait.

In the meantime, I've dug out my Skorne, and am finishing up some work on the Venators I left half-finished some time ago.  I've also pulled out some Skorne to fit into the painting queue.  I also realized, looking back, that I never posted pics of the completed Rhinodon, so here you go:


The Rhinodon appears to be something of a forlorn hope for Skorne - I've never read or heard anyone speak well of it's utility.  It's a pity, as it's one of my favorite models.  It's evidently had a revamp in the new edition, with a new animus (the spell the creature brings for your warlock to use), and a bit of a price discount.  I love the guy, and will be keeping him.


I am, if it hasn't come across, pretty stoked about all this.  I'm a huge Warmachine fan, but my work schedule consistently interferes with my ability to get out and play.  If the Cub is showing interest, it's not only another chance to spend time together, it's the chance to spend time together on something I really enjoy.



Not to fear, I'm still jazzed about historicals, especially my 6mm loot bag. I finished up the first of the Hanoverians the other day, and they'll likely be the next post.  Good times!


Thursday, July 28, 2016


Hi all,

Finished up the latest 6mm unit - the Swiss regiment Jenner, for the French SYW army,



With these lads done, it's on to the Brits.  Did up some new flags, so now it's a matter of getting them up on the painting sticks.



Can't wait!


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Holy Cheesedoodles!

Hi all,

A post or two ago, I mentioned anticipating a package of 6mm stuff.  It was waiting for me when I got home yesterday, and upon opening, I was gobsmacked.  In addition to what we'd discussed, my buddy Stewart sent along a pile of additional goodies, including the Russian Artillery park.  All of it.

The box of happiness and joy.

I now have the makings of SYW armies for the Brits and Austrians, the ability to expand the French (including a Reichsarmee contingent), the seed of some Russian SYW stuff, and the makings of a decent Russian napoleonics force for the 1813 campaign.  Huzzah!  On top of that, I've got some nice 6mm terrain (something I've been needing for a while), including buildings, camps, and bridge elements.

Armies upon armies.  Upon armies.

All of this has me, predictably, giggling madly to myself.  While in realistic terms, there's enough here to keep me painting for years, I think the immediate priorities will be the SYW Brits.  I'd really like to get an opposing force for my French, so that I can talk the Cub into trying some horse and musket era gaming.  Who knows if it will take, but it's nice to dream ;)

Russkies, sir.  Fousands of 'em.

I'll also likely pick around the Napoleonic Russians.  Blucher intrigues me, and I've enjoyed both Grande Armee and Polemos rules in the past.  Don't know if I'll go with the 80x60 bases the Toronto gang are using, or biggish squares (75 or 80 mm) to maximize their potential use with GA, etc.

Terrain.  Sweet, delicious terrain.

Either way, I've begun playing around with how to make the most of the bigger bases - there was some gorgeous stuff done in that line back when GA was high profile, and I'll be looking to take some tips there.


Monday, July 25, 2016

Neither the thrill of victory,nor the agony of defeat.

Hi all,

With what I've decided will be a Swiss unit (Jener) in the midst of painting, the Cub and I got in a game of 40k yesterday.  Games have been a tad thin on the ground the last while - he was at his mom's prior to vacation, then we were on vacation, and it's been busy in the week or so since our return, so this is really the first chance we've had in more than a month.

Cub begins his first turn.

We played a 1000 points - he took a mix of boots and toys, and I went with my usual mix of shootas, tankbustas, and Deffcoptas.  We played our usual simplified Maelstrom game - each of us gets 3 obectives, and we replace them when we score if if they're un-scorable.

Deffcoptas being sneaky gits.  If only they could shoot straight!

Turn one I pushed forward my Deffkoptas, in a bid to get some shots on the rear armour of his Predator, but orky shooting was up to it's usual standard, and I didn't do much more than scratch the paint.

Binky surveys the scene of immanent carnage.

I sent my infantry up the middle, with Warboss Binky and his Painboss attached to the Tankbustas holding the centre of my line.  Shootaboyz held the flanks, using cover where they could.

Shootaboyz on da prowl.

My rokkit buggy, aka, "Da Pointz Filla", sipped about shooting targets of opportunity (to limited effect).

I don't think I've ever actually hit something with the Rikkity Rokket Buggy.

By about turn three, the Cub had locked my Tankbustas in combat with a unit of assault marines, and landed his drop pod in a position to have an Ironclad Dreadnaught reinforce the fight.

Chaos and fury in the centre table.

Out on the wings, shootboyz and Deffcoptas manoeuvred for firing lanes.

Note the night camo on this unit of shootaboyz.

Another angle.  See how those boyz are all lined up?  Just right for a strafing run :(

The barney in the middle of the table got a little swingy.  Binky faced off against the Ironclad dreadnaught, and by the power of Powerclaw, gave it a good duffing.

Binky smites the Ironclad.

Three penetrating hits with an AP2 weapon meant there was a chance the Dread would blow up, if happened to roll a "6".

Binky REALLY smites the Ironclad.

Yeah, that's a triple 6 on the roll ;)  The Ironclad exploded, much to Cub's delight, as it took out a good chunk of the tankbustas, and put wounds on pretty much anything that would take them.

The Cub then sent his second, "normal" Dreadnaught in, and it attacked Binky from behind, the cowardly git.

Ironclad's sneaky little brother sneaks up behind Binky.

Pay more attention, Binky!

The same turn Binky fell (and a hard blow that was), Cub also brought in his flyer, which is rigged out especially to shoot up orks.  It promptly gutted one shootaboz mob, and put the hurt on the other the following turn.  Things were looking bleak for Da Boyz, until a good round of combat, and some lucky shots from the remaining Deffcoptas took out the last of his infantry, his Librarian, and his flyer.  We rolled to see if there was a turn 7, but the game ended.

We had both scored 4 VPs (I had 2 objectives, first blood, and line breaker, he had 3 and the Warlord kill), so we ended up with out first tie game.  This one was pretty fun - lots of crazy cinematic moments, his Marines got to do some heroic stuff (Cub more or less did a Snoopy dance when his Dred took out Binky), and I got to push some orks around with my boy ;)

I should have a weekend post with the Jenner infantry, assuming a lack of Fear, Fire, and Foe, and hopefully some news to report on the "box in the mail" front.