Saturday, November 5, 2016


Hi all,

I've managed to get a few things finished over the last couple weeks.  First up is another "updated" Bret knight, with the old metal riders on a modified new-style plastic horse.



The plan with these guys was to do them in Space Marine colours.  The last one was Dark Angels, this one Blood Angels, though I'm not happy with how the heraldry turned out.  The idea seemed funny when I first considered it, but it's starting to pale a little.  I told the Cub I'd do one in Salamanders' colours, so I'll do that much, but after that, we'll see.



I also had the chance to finish up one of the Khorne Chaos knights.



While the effort to get things done for Armies on Parade did motivate me, and I get through a fair whack of painting, I also found myself rushing, and cutting corners.  With the pressure of the deadline off, I've slowed down, and am taking my time - which also means I'm enjoying the process more, and doing better work.



They're not the best I can do, but they're pretty solid table top, and I'm much happier with this outcome than what I crammed in before the deadline.

Next weekend there's an event at the G-Dub I'm hoping to attend - points-based, but narrative play.  I put together a few more of the Bret modified knights, and will be taking a mostly-painted 2000 point force - pics on that to come.