Thursday, May 14, 2020

Still not dead (now not as funny)

Hi all,

I do realize it's been months since the last post, and my usual jokes about not being dead are likely less amusing in the midst of the worst global pandemic of my lifetime.  Painting doldrums, busy at work, and then the impact of Covid put a crimp in painting, hobby and posting for quite a while.

We in Monkeyland are, however, all well.  We have both kids with us for the duration, I'm still working (albeit from home), and we have the good fortune to live in an area of the country which was both exposed late, and which had a fairly aggressive crack-down.  Taken together, so far, so good.

I have been picking away at a range of projects here and there, mostly in 15-20 min increments, and will  try to get some pics and posts up on the blog.  It seems like a good time to make a point of connecting, or re-connecting, with the online community.  Historical stuff has been primarily 6mm, but I finished up my Flesh-Eater Courts for Age of Sigmar, and have been puttering with some other projects as well.  The Cub has also been working away, and even the Puddin' has been doing some painting from time to time.  All will be revealed.

I do hope you are all well, and keeping as safe and secure as one can amidst all that is going on.



  1. Good to see that you are alive and well, Markus!

  2. So pleased to hear that all is well in Monkeyland and good to see some progress. Looking forward to more.

  3. Glad you're all well. Like you I've worked throughout the Covid crisis thus far, so any talk of boredom from family and friends inevitably has me spluttering and eye rolling like I'm having a fit.

  4. Glad folks are doing well in your area. 😀
    Hopefully you’ll find more time for hobbying soon.

  5. Good to hear your alright and nice to see some progress!
    Best Iain

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