Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Ayyubid goodbye . . .


 . . . but I bid hello?

Okay, a bit of a stretch, I'll warrant, but these are strange days, and I figure one should find one's cheap laughs wherever they might be found.  Bit of a mish mash today, a combination of an update on the Ayyubid DBx project, and a few shots from a small game of Flames of War I got in with the Cub, before he went back to his mom's for the school year.

What's been done so far, some rebased, some newly completed

The Ghulams are the same figs I've had kicking around for years, but rebased for DBx.  The plan is that post-plague, these guys can go up against Jura's Eurotrash kniggits in a real-live face to face game.  

Mamluk Ghulam general

More Ghulams

I also knocked out some Kurdish Javelinment (3Ax in DBA).

Kurd Javelinmen

And some Quaraghulam lancers.  

Quaraghulam lancers

There's a fair ways to go on this, and not a huge rush, but I've been picking away at it fairly consistently - there's a unit of Turkik archers in the painting queue as I write this.

In addition, the Cub has been busily painting a platoon of Finnish commandos he picked up back at the end of summer, and we managed to sneak in a small game of FoW; it was pretty much everything I had painted vs. everything he had painted.

Finn Commandos top, Heroes of the Soviet Union bottom

The finn commandos are some of the best infantry in the game, whereas the Soviets, even in the relatively veteran form I'm taking, are on the good side of mediocre at best.  Very much a quality vs. quantity match-up.

IMG_1721 (1)
The Finnish commander reviews his troops

In the end, quantity took it; Cub was attacking into some big blobs of soviet infantry, and as it was his first game, hadn't really got the hang of coordinating attacks.  That said, he pushed pretty hard, and on the last turn had put himself in a position to win, holding key objectives.  If the Soviets hadn't regained control, he would have taken the game.

IMG_1725 (1)
Soviets dig in..

I'm pretty sure he had fun, as he's been talking about getting some more Finns.  We might stop in at the game shop as part of an apple-picking excursion over the next couple weeks.  In the meantime, my soviet tanks have arrived, and I've been busily assembling T-34s.  I'll probably do a post on the PSC kits soonish.  Until then, stay safe.


  1. I dunno, Markus. "Ayyubid goodbye" was pretty good!

    Good to see that your cub is taking to historical wargaming.

    1. I've had some success with WW2 stuff - Bolt Action held his attention for a while, we'll see how well FoW fares.

    2. It took me 3 times to get the joke. I must be slow. ☹️

  2. Nice paint job. Figure look great.

    1. Cheers! I figure it's a start, and we'll see how big it gets over time.

  3. Lovely looking figures both Ayyubid and Soviets, the ghulhams are great!
    Best Iain

    1. Cheers, Iain! They're the Legio Heroica figs - quite nice sculpts.

  4. Nice looking DBx bases and lets hope that they’ll see an opponent in the time to come.
    What version of FoW are you using? Man, I played V2 for years and years. Good fun for a long while. 😀

    1. We were going to try v4, but the Finns don't have rules for it yet. Might stick with 3, or try to bodge something, now that the new russian book is out.

  5. Those Ayyubids look wonderful. So good to see another wargaming father who has interested offspring in the hobby, something that I failed at; so will be working on grand-offspring!
    Regards, James

    1. I got lucky - he showed interest from pretty early on. It's mostly been a matter of indulging and encouraging.