Thursday, July 19, 2018

A few wee hoosies.

Hi all,

As the first step in getting some 6mm terrain together, I painted up a pack of "European" houses from Baccus.  I think the pack I had predated some line expansion, as the houses in question are now coded as Western European, and labelled on the website as French.  Which works, given the armies I have to deploy ;)



They come with 60x60 plinths, which will be handy markers for occupied towns - but the resin base plates on the houses seem to have warped a little, so the don't fit well.



I figure what I'll do is just swap out the houses for the plinths if it comes up in game.



I took a slightly different approach to these than my usual painting - went with a white base coat, and lots of washes and glazes.  I think they turned out alright.

Next up should be a blast from the past.  I've been playing around with ideas for ancients, and it's got me painting them as well.


Thursday, July 12, 2018

The Russians are coming!

Hi all,

First of the Russian units for the SYW are finished, the Chernigovskiy regiment:



I did something a little different with the flags this time.  Up until now, on pretty much everything, I've used steel wire for flagpoles.  This time, I used plastic broom straws, and flattened them into a spear point (something I've done for ancients for a while).  I like the effect, and the flexibility of the poles, so will likely continue with this from now on.



The Russians are also a little different in that the uniforms, at least for infantry, were standardized to a much greater extent than in other contemporary forces.  Same coat, facings, turnbacks, etc., regardless of regiment.  There's a also a lot of red in the uniform - pretty much everything other than the outer coat.  Getting contrast between uniform components was a bit of a trick, but I'm reasonably happy with how they turned out, and am looking forward to painting more.

I think with this army I'll also go cavalry heavy.  I have a bunch of Russian horse, including cossacks, and haven't tried a force in Maurice where cavalry is the dominant arm.  It'll be interesting to see how it works.


Thursday, July 5, 2018

Jungy from the Block?

Hi all,

Some more infantry for the Brit and Hanoverian SYW army, this time the Block and Jung-Zastrow regiments.

Jung Zastrow left, Block Right.

For Father's day, I received a new desk lamp - same model as my old one, but a bit more reliable.  Being me, rather than simply replacing the old one, I'm now using two at the same time.  Plus side is that I now have more, and multi-directional, light, but the bulb in the new lamp has a noticeably yellow tone.  I'm going to see if I can replace the bulb, but in the meantime, it's having an interesting effect on pictures.

I love the Block flag.  Although it is worth pointig out that strange arms, extending from clouds, distributing swords, is no basis for a system of government.

Reasonably pleased with these, although the turnbacks could use some cleaning up.  Don't know if it's my aging eyes, or if I just need to break down and pick up some new brushes, but it's getting harder to get them just so.


With these guys completed, I have enough units to field a Maurice force (with national advantages), which means at some point in the hopefully not too distant future I can get a game in, either solo, or against the Cub, if I can talk him into it. He wasn't too impressed with Blucher, although to be fair, that was a learning game that moved rather slowly.  Maybe Maurice will catch his attention.

It also means my thoughts have been turning to terrain, and I'm thinking that might be a good summer project.  Both the kids like to paint, the Puddin' especially has been bugging me to do some painting and crafty stuff together, and terrain is something they can both actually contribute to.  Fingers crossed, anyways.


Thursday, June 28, 2018

I should have brought some rope

Hi all,

It feels like I should have embedded some Jefferson Airplane on this blog post, as it's more or less about me beginning to fall down a rabbit hole.

See, I painted some 18mm Napoloeonics.


Some ways back (6-7 years?), when I was living in Toronto, the THMG gang started playing Lasalle.  I was a little divided on the game at the time.  One one hand, it was a Sam Mustafa game (and I'm an unrepentant fanboy of his work), and the eye-candy was top notch.  On the other hand, it was on the small side of battalion-scale Napoleonics, and at the time I was very much into big-battle stuff.  However, AB figures were pretty enough for me to pick up a few units to test the waters, but expensive enough that I didn't grab a whole army in one go.


At that point, I promptly sat on the figures for the next several years.  Lasalle died out at the club, I was drawn into other projects (notably Maurice and Impetus), and life happened.  I never got rid of them, however (too pretty by far), and periodically pulled them out for a look over and a good sigh.


Then a week or two ago, I went on a bit of a youtube binge, notably getting caught up on Paul Alba's channel (he also has a blog, and if you've missed it, here, you're welcome:, and it was enough to get me moving.  I dug out my Russians, and got a unit painted up.

It was fun, but it also brought home how out of practice I am at painting the scale (it's been a while).  They didn't turn out as well as I wanted, but I'm pretty sure I'll do a better job on them next time.  I suspect this is the beginning of something, as not only has painting these got my mojo going again (I've note really done much painting for months), but I'm also looking at some of the other stuff in this scale I have tucked away.

The unit, by the way, is the 3rd battalion of the Preobrajenski Guard.  The planned starting force for Lasalle was a guard formation, based on some of the units at the Battle of Kulm.  Might try some cuirassier next.


Friday, June 22, 2018

My eyes!

Hi all,

Once, a long time ago, in a province far, far away, I painted plaid kilts on 6mm Highlanders.  Over the last week or so, however, I've been forced to acknowledge that when I did, it was a good 15 years or so ago, and my poor aging eyes are not what they used to be.

87th and 88th Highlanders

All of this to say, I painted up some 6mm Highlanders for my Brit/Hanoverian army, only to realize that my days of plaid painting in this scale are over.  I did my best to pick out some kind of contrasting pattern on the kilts, but couldn't get the contrast high enough to stand out, and seem to have been left with one set that are greenish blue, and other that are bluish green.

Hoping a brisk wind doesn't blow up.

Another thing about these figs that challenged me was the webbing.  For the highlanders, belts and straps were in black leather.  I think, I'm pretty sure, this is the first time I've come across that in a 6mm figure, and to be honest, it threw me a little.  Really dark colours are something I've struggled with in 6mm.  I find painting in this scale is really about brightness and contrast - it's almost an impressionist style.  Black, by it's nature, isn't bright, and it's difficult to get contrast on black over a black undercoat, unless you just go grey, and pretend it's black.

I still like the over-sized flags.  

The net effect has been to make these guys seem a little dark.  That said, I now have at least one unit of highlanders (without which no Brit army is complete), and am quite close to a workable army list for Maurice.  I have another unit of Hanoverians primed up on sticks, so am quite close to the goal.

This, of course, has me thinking about other projects.  The likeliest 6mm will be SYW Russians.  I'm following my usual practice of picking an actual battle, but being a little haphazard in choosing units from it (picking them for flags and facings rather that actual formations).  In this case, it'll likely be Kunersdorf, partly because it will make it easy to branch into Austrians (as the battle involved a combined Austro-Russian army).  Russians, and Austrians, have me thinking about the conflicts between Austria, Russia, and the Ottomans (I played a LOT of Diplomacy back in the day), which of course has had me eyeing the Baccus Ottoman range.  Not an immediate prospect, but I can see that happening down the road.

Thinking about the Russians has also got me digging about the Drawers of Shame, and I came up with a few units of AB Russians I picked up back when the THMG gang were doing Lasalle (something like 6-7 years ago).  It's been a little while since I've done 15mm, but I had the itch, and the first unit will likely be my next blog post.  Until then, enjoy!


Friday, June 15, 2018

Eliot's Light Horse

Hi all,

Long time no blog.  Life, work, and if we're being honest, apathy have put a crimp in my blogging activities, but geek has gone on apace.  With the advent of summer, and a little more energy and free time, I thought I'd see about getting caught up on what I've been doing for the last several months.

Latest addition has been another unit for my growing Brit / Hanoverian force for the SYW.  The latest is the 15th Light Horse (Elliot's).



This brings the force to within a few units of completion (as I have a unit of Highlanders on the table now).  Once these are finished, I'll likely move on to some Russians, and or Austrians, as I have a good start on the former, and a whack of the latter.



The bottom half of the winter, and what passes for Spring in these parts, saw me turn out a reasonable amount of fantasy stuff, mostly beastmen, and I have a backlog of Khorne models as well.  With the new edition of Age of Sigmar coming out, I'll like be getting in some games, and once the Hanoverians are up to a workable size, I'll see about dragooning the Cub into a game of Maurice.

Nice to be back in the fold!


Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Totes m'goats

Hi all,

The bottom half of January saw me mucking about with something I've wanted to do for a long, long time - paint up some Beastmen, or as they're now known, Brayherds.


These are getting to be older sculpts in the current line, but remain some of the most characterful they've done.  I've always found the Beasts appealing, liked the models, but never got around to doing them.  2018 will be, I think, the year of the goat.  The current plan is to start with a big unit of Gors (these guys), and maybe a hero, and ally them into the Khorne army I've been running since AoS came out.



Aside from goats being one of my favorite animals (I'm a sucker for baby goat videos, and have several "it ate my pants" stories), Brayherds in AoS also offer some entertaining options in play.  Although not really competitive for tournaments (limited choice of units, no book of their own), they are one of the fastest armies in the game (rivaled only by slannesh daemons), can summon monsters with their incredibly cheap wizards (which can also summon traditional stuff like daemons), and can ambush as an army.  Their units are cheap, especially with the bulk discount, and I can easily see moving towards some kind of mixed chaos thing as I add more stuff.


I wanted a colour scheme that would be distinct to the goats, but also work with my existing (red) Khorne.  I ended up going with cooler natural tones, but used the same bone colour, basing, and red (for accents) that I used in the existing army.  I don't have a pic of them side by side, but it does seem to work.


I may get a chance to get these on the table as early as Thursday.  10 Gor won't do much in the game, but I'm chuffed to see them in play.  I've also picked up my favorite version of the Beastlord (the brayherd fighty hero), and might get him finished up this month.

I'm still doing the painting challenge for this month, and will likely prioritize Khorne stuff, but depending on how the month goes, may get some more stuff done for these guys.