Tuesday, May 3, 2022

French Progress

 Hi all,

It's been a relatively productive month, albeit one where I didn't seem to manage to grab many pictures, and throw up a post.  Part of the aforementioned progress has been on the HYW French for Lion Rampant, as I've now got full units of Crossbow, Spear, and Horse to show off:



Such is the retinue (to date) of Sieur Jean de Cerf.  It's a bit of an homage to my old buddy in NFLD (who ran the Geektactica blog).  T'was he who put me onto Impetus, mostly via his inspirational 15mm HYW stuff.



I've played around with basing a little, with cavalry mostly single-based (although there's one in there that's double), and infantry based between 1 and 3 to a base.  Lets me do a little bit of vignette play, while still giving me lots of flexibility on casualty removal, etc.

I did my crossbowmen as Genoese.  Digging around for colours on these proved challenging, at least in terms of "official" colours and livery, but I did find there's a close association between the cross of St George and Genoa, so went with that, white smocks, and leggings in colours that would tie them to the rest of the army.



Spear were done in a range of colour combinations, but with their livery tied closely to the men at arms in Jean's immediate retinue.



These are my first Perry plastics, and I'm in love with the kit.  Loads of variety, and the figures are realistically human proportioned.  Looking forward to playing around some more, and maybe working up some heavier infantry for the French, or more knights.

Short term, I think the plan will be to try and get a few units together for the English, so I can get in at least some small games over the summer.  I've been picking away at other projects - some 6mm, some more ancients and ECW, and finally got around to grabbing the most recent Ork codex, so they likely see some time in the queue, along with on the painting table.  Until then, stay safe and well.



  1. Great looking French HYW retinue, Markus. Love the hand-painted pavises and the color scheme for the MAA. These Perry figures are certainly top notch figures too.

  2. Superb troops, love the crossbowmen!

  3. Splendid looking retinue, love the metallic finishes, if you liked this Perry set they do lots of nice Napoleonic sets too don't forget!
    Best Iain

    1. Thanks Iain. I have spent many danerous hours looking over the Perry napoleonics, but so far have resisted the urge to start yet another project. Not sure how long that will last ;)

  4. OOOh, shiny...must resist. Seriously good looking troops there.

    1. Thanks! Can't recommmend the kits enough - super flexible, and great to paint.

  5. Ils sont beau avec l'air des guerriers formidable!

  6. Nice start to an English army, a favourite of mine way back albeit Edward I.

  7. Nice job! I’ve heard that DR works really well with a 3-2-1 base scheme. The larger bases do add a little something-something to the appearance. 😀

    1. Thanks, Stew! I am liking the look. The figs also allow for some subtle expressiveness, in terms of body language, etc.