Sunday, March 1, 2009

A new leaf . . .

Having caught the bug, I thought I'd try my hand at this. Not to mention Keir's oh-so-subtle prodding.

Having played Cryx, Khador, and Mercs for Warmachine, and started putting together armies for Circle, Skorne, and Cygnar (twice), I find myself drawn back to Cryx again. I tend to favour forces with plenty of speed and aggressive potential, and Cryx fits me to a "T". I have loved both the play style and character of Iron Lich Asphyxious since first encountering the game, so I figured my return to Cryx would be heralded by a 750p army with Gaspy at the helm.

I posted some pics of my bile thralls over at John Street, so I thought I'd begin here with some pics of my first couple arc nodes, along with some of the new goodies Cryx got in the latest Warmachine expansion book, Legends.

First off, the Nightwretch Twins, Hubba:

. . . and Bubba.

I'm still lacking a lightbox, and these photos seem to wash out some of the highlighting. You can see it a bit better here:

The nightwretches were the first 'jacks I did for the force, and where I settled on the two-tone brown scheme. My previous Cryx force had been rather cool in tone, and I wanted something warmer, and more evocative of the victorian / steampunk aesthetic of Warmachine.

Next up was the Cankerworm.

The 'worm is Asphyxious' character 'jack, and from all accounts, a beast on the table. It's also the reason I've acquired a couple of Defiler bonejacks. These much maligned arc nodes have a gun which causes the game effect Corrosion, from which the 'worm benefits. This guy was loads of fun to paint, and I might return at some point to really make the detail shine.

Last up, for now, is the Withershadow combine, both together:

And individually:

That should be enough to start - I'll add more as I go.


  1. Our Nightwretches should get together, mine are named Mary-kate and Ashley.

    Looks good.

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  3. Sweet Markus. Love the scheme. The Nightwretches, the Cankerworm and the Combine are rockin'.

    Welcome to blogland!