Monday, November 16, 2009

More FOW


Had my first FoW game on Sunday, against an equally new German player at the local store. I've definitely sold on Fow. While I know there are some grognards out there who pooh pooh it's historical accuracy etc, it strikes me as a good compromise between a beer and pretzels miniatures game and "history", however defined.

There's a definite rock-paper-scissors dynamic to the game. I took a tank-heavy force supported by morters against my opponents elite mobile infantry, backed by more artillery than I had. Both of us by the end of the game were talking about what we needed to take to counter the other person's list. There seems to be plenty of depth to the game, but it can be played casually for fun results.

The minis are also quick and fun to paint. Observe - the aforementioned morter company, presented below.





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  1. Nice basing. Looks like you have a winner here. As you know, a number of us have long been curious about FoW. I'd like to hear of any moments of clarity you experience about the game. What I've always heard is that it's very 2nd edition 40Kish. I presume it has overwatch and some other characteristics from that game to get such a tag.