Sunday, January 30, 2011

Geekus interruptus


Due to some personal issues that came up, I was unable to make the tournament last week. This also accounts for the week-long post hiatus. Personal issues are ongoing, for the next couple of weeks, which means posting, again, will be intermittant.

One consequence of the issues in question is a need for cash, however, so I will be selling my painted Russians, once I get the second unit of Shermans completed (they're about half done). If anyone reading this knows someone looking for a Soviet army, this is a good way to get in. I have around MSRP $US875 painted up, and the army is designed for flexibility - you can play infantry, motoinfantry, or tanks, mid-war or late war, and have options doing it.

Keep an eye here, on ebay, and on, as I am going to try and get the army pretty, photographed, and up for bidding by next weekend. I'm hoping to get a grand on this lot, which given the amount of painting involved, seems reasonable. Do please spread the word if you can.

On the plus side, it means that I'll have plenty of incentive to get my cossacks painted up.


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