Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Won't be fooled again


Busily preparing for an upcoming tournament at the Dueling Grounds this Saturday. 5 rounds, small games (600p) late war. I will be running this:

Dueling Ground 600 point Tourney List, January 22, 2011
Fortress Europe Strelkovy

Battalion HQ, add anti-tank platoon
CC1: 2 Rifle / MG platoons, 1 platoon SMG sub
CC2: 1 Mortar platoon (85mm), add Observer
CS1: 4 SU-76M
CS2: 1 platoon flamethrowers


Flamethrowers will attach to the infantry, while the AT guns will attach either to the infantry (in defense) or to the mortars (if I attack). Given that 600 point games only require 1 combat platoon, I could be facing pretty much anything short of a KT company (though I'm sure it's possible to face a single KT), I tried to be flexible. I have a nice chunky infantry unit, a cheap pinning barrage, enough AT and firepower to take on medium tanks and dug-in opponents, and the flamers if I just have to go after heavy tanks. Combined arms at 600 points is tough, but I think I pulled it off.

This is a nationals tournament, which means whoever wins gets to go to Nationals. While I sincerely doubt that's going to be me, it's a nice incentive. My personal goal for this is to get through all 5 games without repeating mistakes I've already made. Things to watch for include:

LfL I: Read the scenario, and understand its implications for the game

LfL II: Use your ambush to force an opponent to fight on your terms, not in response to an opponent’s actions.

LfL III: The role a unit plays differs from list to list and from scenario to scenario. Think consciously about how you could use a unit, not just how you have in the past.

LfL IV: When attacking, infantry must keep moving. Losing momentum means losing the objective.

LfL V: There's more than one way to win. Be open to the possibility of victory.

If I can get through all five games without screwing up any of these, I'm chalking up the tournament as a win.


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