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Looong time no post. Life has rather taken over geek for the last several months. Some issues related to custody of my son came up, and while they've not been resolved in the way I'd hoped, they are on their way to resolution. Hopefully this means the re-establishing of some sort of routine in my life, including more regular posts here.

Not much to report on the geek / painting front for much the same reason. I did, however, get to go to Fort York yesterday, wife and cub in tow. The fort itself is worth a visit, as it was the site of a battle in the War of 1812, was the first English settlement at what became Toronto, and is well maintained.

There's plenty of displays distributed throughout the fort, mostly dealing with contemporary life and equipment.

The bulk of the displays etc. are found in the two-storey blockhouse. I now have a five year old who understands the concept of a "loophole".

There's also something of a pioneer village element to the Fort. For example, we chatted with one costumed cook, who was busy baking a cake from an 1813 recipe, and who provided us with some smashing shortbread cookies.

In addition, the Fort were hosting an annual toy soldier show run by the Ontario Model Soldiers Society, which was an interesting change of pace for me. These guys are less into (28mm and under) wargaming figs, and more into 1/32 + toy soldiers, both plastic and metal. Not my cup of tea, but I can see the appeal, especially in terms of nostalgia. They also have an annual painting contest, which I might take a swing at next year.

Up until now, I've never been terribly interested in the War of 1812. As far as I understood it, the American invaded, we sent them packing, the Brits sent regulars which invaded the US, and pulled back. Seeing the fort, however, piqued my interest. There's an immediacy and local element that makes it resonate - seeing things like a compass engraved "From Brock to Tecumfeh", for example, got me a little giddy. Might have to go back in the summer when they do more re-enactment / drill.

It's also got me thinking about another possible historical project. I know OG15s do a series for the War, but I've not been able to track down pics. If anyone out there has some, could you point me to them please?


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