Sunday, December 11, 2011

Been gone too long


My apologies for the long-term lack of posting. New baby, plus work, plus a move have put a considerable cramp in my time for painting, and until very recently, I've had nothing worth posting. Finally getting back into painting again, and have the first instalment of the secret project to show.

Behold the 82me regiment du Foix:


Some years ago, I started down the road of a 6mm project for the seven years war, using Sam Mustafa's Might and Reason rules. I got as far as 4 units of infantry and a couple cavalry, but then divorce, court, and moving got in the way, and I found myself in a place where the likelihood of ever getting a chance to play was profoundly limited, so I sold them.


A few months back, one of the guys at the THMG mentioned trying out the game, and I jumped at the chance. Since then, a few more guys at the club have jumped on board. Even better, there appears to be a bonanza of new rules coming out. Peter Berry at Baccus 6mm is planning on releasing a set of SYW rules for his Polemos series of rules, and Sam Mustafa is setting to release a combined ruleset / campaign system, Maurice. Good times ahead.


The plan is to build up a French force (because, you know, I like the French) via the M&R rules, and then expand / adapt as necessary as we try the other rule systems out. Baccus has a terrific 6mm range, and some of the figures, notably the officers, and first rate.


So far, we've got a good range of armies in the works. Can't wait to get these guys on the table.


  1. Fine painted unit! And welcome back!


  2. Impressive stuff. You're setting the bar very high for me to paint the opposing force too. :)