Friday, December 23, 2011



Finished up a second base of SYW French infantry for Might and Reason.


They're the 96th regiment, Chartres.


There's a convenient parallel between the infantry codes offered by Baccus for the French and the way in which it is categorized in M&R. The game distinguishes between the nouvelle regiments, and the higher quality infantry in the form of the vieux and foreign regiments. Baccus offers infantry with no, front, and double turnbacks.


Foreign infantry in French service (like the Irish, German, and Itallian regiments) tended to have double (front and back) turnbacks on their coats. Vieux regiments tended to have front turnbacks to show off coloured lining and waistcoats.


Nouvelle regiments sometimes had turnbacks and sometimes didn't, but generally had white uniforms with only a bit of colour, typically at cuffs and collar. My plan is to used the Baccus code without turnbacks for these regiments.


This gives me a quick and easy way to ID units on the table, without having to pick up bases. I'm also thinking about using other, modelled indicators, such as extra officers, etc. for the higher-grade infantry.