Sunday, January 15, 2012

French Cavalry: La Reine


Finished up my first unit of cavalry for Might and Reason, again using Baccus 6mm figures. They're the heavy cavalry regiment "La Reine".


Although I painted a unit or two of these guys in the past, getting paint on this unit seemed atypically hard.


My basic technique for painting 6mm depends on being able to identify what bits on the figure represent what bits in "real life", and then using high contrast to pick them out.


For some reason, I had real trouble picking out what was what on these figs, at least to start. I was also working with red as a base colour for the uniform, a colour with which I've always struggled to get good contrast.


In part, this may have simply been a product of the high detail on the figures, and my own fatigue, as most of my painting has been done late in the evening for the last while. I'm hoping that future cavalry will be less of a struggle (since I plan to max out my cavalry allotment for my SYW French).

On the workbench I've got some Thureophoroi for Impetus. There's talk of running some kind of small, local tournament for the game late in February, mainly as a painting spur. It's already having the desired effect, and I'm looking forward to getting a few more units added to that army by the time the tournament rolls around. In addition, the second batch of figs for the SYW French arrived a few days ago, so I now have enough figs to do an entire basic army. Looking forward to it.


  1. Interesting that you chose to scatter the figures about on the base for heavy cavalry rather than form them up!

  2. Nice looking unit and basing. Best, Dean

  3. @ Dale. I tried to "wedge" them up a little. Straight lines looked a little static. I'll probably play around with formations a little as the project develops.

  4. Great painted minis! To small for me ;-)