Sunday, January 8, 2012

Going deep . . . .


The game I played on Wednesday seems to have charged my painting batteries, as I've managed to finish the rear base for my Pyrrhic hoplites.


Impetus Unit Type: FP
Base Size: 8cm x 3cm
Manufacturer: Old Glory 15mm

As with the first base, these guys are probably a little anachronistic. Their gear is more appropriate, as I understand it, to the Pelopponesian or Persian wars. The hoplites fighting with Pyrrhus would have been either Itallioate or post-Alexandrian greeks; their gear was lighter and used different helmets.


That said, these are the hoplites I have, and will be using for some kind of army once the Pyrrhic force is complete. I might replace these guys with "proper" hoplites later, but I'm happy enough for now.


Speaking of the next army, I'm leaning towards a Syracusan force, both for historical and army formation reasons. There's a good three hundred years of interesting conflict in and around Sicily that seems to get short shrift from mainstream histories, but I've been digging away at it. Add in the fact that they're a little more varied than your average Magna Graecia army, and it's rather appealing.

Here they are ranked up with their companion base, looking all fearsome.


I've got a game coming up on Wednesday vs. some Kurasanians, and will be posting an AAR. Next on the painting table are some SYW horse, followed by some Thureophoroi for Impetus.