Sunday, April 1, 2012

77ieme Saintonge


With 300 points of Impetus Antigonids complete, and a little time for hobby-related activity, I've managed to knock out another unit of infantry for my French SYW project. This is another of the regular (i.e., nouvelle) regiments which will eventually form the bulk of the army (since I'm limited to a max of 6 foreign and vieux regiments).


Although it wasn't involved in any major battles during the war, the regiment has the singular distinction of having its flag included in the Baccus French flag pack, hence its inclusion in my army ;)


I've also just come to the realization that the hat lace should be gold / yellow rather than white / silver. So it seems I've got a bit of touching up to do.

That said, I've also just treated myself to a pre-order of Sam Mustafa's Maurice rules, and from what I've seen so far, it's money well spent. The general impression I'm getting is a combination of wonderful period flavour and ingenious rules mechanics coupled with a degree of flexibility that let the rules be used across a wide variety of conflicts, scales, and periods.


While the SYW project the gang at Toronto HMG are working on is designed for use with Sam's Might and Reason rules, the basing is largely compatible, and there's considerable interest in trying them out. I'm also wondering if I've finally found the rules I've been looking for for years, that will let me do a proper job of the F&IW while still having a fun game. The last time I was this excited about trying out a set of rules it was for Impetus, and I'm fairly confident that will be a core game for me for the foreseeable future. I'm hoping Maurice has the same potential.



  1. Big fan of Impetus as well and really need to pick up a copy of Maurice as I quite enjoyed his LaSalle rules although I know Maurice has some different mechanics.
    Nice looking units btw!


  2. Ah... Thanks for painting this one. It's my birthplace area, so I'm really pleased. And nice painting too.

  3. Thanks, and you're welcome! Christopher, while I've not had a chance to play Maurice yet, just a read-through of the rules and campaign system has me excited. I'll post a full review after my hard copy and cards arrive, and I've had a chance to get in a
    few games.