Sunday, April 22, 2012

Absolutely nothing to do with Salute. Or Adepticon.


Judging by my blog list, everyone in the geek-o-sphere but me attended some sort of major convention this weekend. I spent my time hanging out with the girls (the Puddin' and I watched "Gods and Generals" together) and marking. Despite the urge to gouge out my eyes that the latter activity brings on, I managed to also knock out a new unit for Might and Reason. These are the Irish regiment de Clare, and in game serve as one of my better class of infantry.


 This was the first time I've done a unit with double turnbacks. They were a bit finicky, but I think they turned out reasonably well.


I've got another unit of regular infantry in the photo pipeline, IIRC, and a cavalry unit on the painting table. I'm hoping to finish the latter in the next couple of days. The next week or two are liable to be hectic enough that I won't be getting much painting finished, but I should still have content to post here.


 To those of you who got a chance to get out to the con's this weekend, hope had fun, and keep the pictures coming.


  1. I think you and I were the only ones not at said conventions, FMB!

    I love your teeny, tiny troops. How long does it take to paint a regiment?

  2. I didn't go to Salute either! Can we set up a Society of Non-Salute Attendees?

  3. Also - those figures are superb. Baccus 6mm?

  4. Phil - thanks, and yes, Baccus French SYW. This is the code with double turnbacks. Rosbif, a couple of evening sessions, but with a session anywhere from 1-3 hrs, including interruptions, the fending off of toddlers and cats, and and various odd jobs for my wife. My baby daughter has taken a fair interest in what daddy is doing at the table, so there's a fine balance between showing her what's going on and preventing her from eating paint.

  5. My greatest admiration for a such excelent miniature painting!

  6. Beautiful figures, very nicely done!! and I did go to Salute too!

  7. Didn't anyone tell you that you'd go blind from doing this? They look great and I don't know how you get that level of detail in 6mm.