Sunday, April 15, 2012

Dragon du Roy


I`ve actually had these guys painted for a few weeks now, but haven`t gotten around to posting pictures.


This unit, like many dragoon units in the French army, seems to have bounced around quite a bit during the war, being attached to various forces as needs and demands shifted.


Available light has been a bit chance lately, so the pics are a little suboptimal, but there enough to get a sense of the unit. I`m quite chuffed with the little stripe on their caps.


It was these fellows who were keeping watch on the Hanovarians in the town during our first game of M&R.


As dragoons, however, they are light cavalry in game. This means while they`re pretty good at picking off infantry strung on the march, or tangling with irregular cavalry, and they provide some good "game framing" bonuses in terms of scouting and pursuit, I imagine they'll spend a good portion of games evading, i.e., this:


I'm getting back into the groove of 6mm painting, so should be able to post at least one new unit between games. Speaking of the latter, the upcoming terrain sort at the club has been put on hold, so I've been able to line up another game of M&R. Batrep should go up on Thursday. I've retooled my list based on experience from the first game, and am going to try a much larger number of smaller commands. I've got an infantry unit in process. Once that's done, I'll knock out another cavalry, and then treat myself to some sub-commander bases. I'll have enough finished to warrant three or so. Something to which I can look forward ;)

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