Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Random acts of kindness . . .


It's been an interesting week in geekdom. If you recall, in my last post I mentioned a desire to "reboot" the various armies I've put together for the game - primarily Magnus and Ashlynn merc lists, and Skorne / Circle. A few days later, I was on the Facebook page for the local Warmahordes community, and just on a flier, posted a question about a possible trade - was anyone interested in my Khador, maybe for Skorne or Mercs?  I got a couple of replies, including one from a fellow who seemed to be offering me a Skorne army, for free.  I figured this was miscommunication, but I dropped him a line.

Turns out he was serious.


He'd put the army together some time ago, hadn't played it in a while, and was planning on moving.  The precise quote was "I figure it should get some use".  So now, I find myself with a Skorne army that's more or less Zen through everything prior to Domination.



I'm continually amazed by total strangers.

Thanks Ilan.

I've decided to use the colour scheme I'd planned for my Cryx on the Skorne - the desert feel works well with them, and there's enough doo-daddery on the figures that it'll work.  I've already stripped the starter pack (the only models with paint on them), assembled one of the Cyclops savages, and have begun to paint him as a test fig.  The lighting on this pic is iffy, but it's enough to get a sense of where things are going.


In the meantime, I've been busily reacquainting myself with everything that's happened to the faction since I last looked at it about 2.5 or 3 years ago, and cooking up starter lists.  Hexeris?  eHexy?  The Morghuls?  Zaal?  All the above?!?  I'm essentially starting from scratch with Skorne, and need to learn the faction from the ground up, not that it's preventing me from theorymachining the blazes out of it.

Here.  In my dojo.

I've also been tracking the approach of my Cryx package, which has now been released from customs, and should be here in the next couple of days.  Not sure how I'm going to be painting these now - I'll have to hunker down and think.  The smaller purchase of arc nodes arrived the other day, and has to date resisted all efforts at stripping, including the until now unconquerable Simple Green.  I picked up some acetone today, and we'll see if that does the job.  The game plan with these guys is to pick two or three casters, and play the heck out of them.  I'm leaning toward the Coven as a primary, and eDennie and Scaverous as second and third.  I'll need to pick up the latter, but can proxy for now.  All three are toolbox casters with the potential to run multiple lists and styles of play.  I've played the coven a bit, but I'd like to really learn them inside out.

But there's three of them!

Speaking of arrivals, my 8x3 bases for the Spartans have arrived!  Kudos to Leon at Minibits for excellent customer service.  As it turns out, he's also the guy behind Pendraken.  If his customer service there rivals the service he offers at Minibits, it's not surprising the company has been so successful.  Highly recommended.


The Spartans themselves are now on their base, which is attached to a Litko magnetic base, and looking rather sexy.  I'll add poly-filla over the next couple of days, and then figure out what to do about basing proper.

So there you go.  I am the giddy owner of a Skorne army, and will soon have my beloved Cryx back as well.  Happy days are here again.



  1. Like your namesake, you are on fire! And I'm quite jealous. You have 3 maybe 4 projects going- 15mm-28mm.

    I'll be watching each of your many projects with great interest!

  2. Awesome article! The desert scheme looks outstanding; I was looking into a black-armour/red-skin motif, but hit a painting wall a couple years ago that I never broke through. You have no idea how excited I am to see the army take shape. Have fun!