Sunday, September 23, 2012



Finally (!) finished the Titan gladiator for my Skorne.  Not a 100% happy with it, tbh, there's a couple of spots I would have liked to get a little more contrast, but it'll do.


Model:  Titan Gladiator
Type:  Heavy Warbeast
Faction:  Skorne

 I hit a bit of a wall on the model, tbh.  Playing with my Brets the other night brought home how long it's been since I painted something in this scale (not counting the Savage), and I need to get back some of my chops.  I love the Gladiator, it's the model that's always drawn me to Skorne, but for whatever reason, this guy lagged.  Maybe expected too much of it / myself?


With this guy finally finished, I'm moving on to some historicals.  Made a start on a base of pike this afternoon, and I'll play it by ear from there.  I'm hoping to get a game in on Wednesday, for the Maurice campaign, if possible, so should have a batrep up Thursday.  Weekend update looks iffy, but if I can find something to throw up, I will.



  1. Really nice work - I'm sure all the more impressive in person too. Best, Dean

  2. Nice one brother, the armor, the tusk, the skin, all very well done!


  3. I've loved this model from start to finish. I especially love the turquoise and your ability to work with the shades of gray. Here's hoping he performs as well on the tabletop as he looks!