Monday, September 17, 2012



Work has been more than usually gonzo the last couple of weeks, so painting progress has been slow.  I did get a little work completed on the Gladiator.


I've been working on the metallics on the upper half, trying to develop a sort of NMM effect with metallic paints.  Seems to be working okay so far.


Figure's a bit of a challenge right now - I've been working at it long enough that I'm kind of eager to have it done so I can go on to other stuff, but at the same time, I don't want to rush the job and be unhappy with the result.

I'm kind of happy I've done the WiP posts, however, as I've been able to pick up on some issue in the paint I want to fix - like the rough blend in the grey above.  This guy will be finished soon enough.  I'm kind of eager to do some 15mm painting - actually motivated to paint some pike, so want to ride that wave until I can.  The next round of the Maurice campaign is starting up - the British have been accused of stealing the silverware, and the French, who know for a fact they didn't, are rallying to their defence.  Should be fun times.

Just as an aside, you remember me mentioning there's been little time or motivation to paint?  This is what happens to my painting table if I don't jealously defend my perogatives:


Laundry soap and baby snacks, by damn!  Good thing the wife is cute . . . .



  1. Your metalwork is excellent! I paint almost exclusively in 15mm so I have no idea how you're getting those effects.

    By chance, does LBMS make transfers for the banner? I didn't think so. That will be tough to do at the finish line.


  2. Thanks, Monty. Nope, no transfers - but I tend to do all that stuff freehand anyway.

  3. Not really my thing, but really well painted!!