Saturday, October 20, 2012

"Eastern" Phalangites, Front Rank


After much picking and tinkering, I finally manged to get these finished:


Impetus Unit Type:  FP
Base Size: 8cm x 3cm
Manufacturer:  Old Glory 15mm

These are the front rank of what will be my second unit of pike for the Antigonids.  The figures are slightly different from the earlier unit, as they're composed of what OG calls Seleucid phalangites.  The only real difference is that shields are smaller, and the figures are wearing trousers.


The unit, like the first, will eventually comprise three bases, and will do double duty depending on the size of game.  In 400 points, I'll likely run them as regular phalangites, but in bigger games I'll run them as lower discipline pantodapoi (locals recruited into Antigonus' forces, rather than "regulars").


Getting this force up to 400 points is one of my current production priorities, as I'd really like a chance to see how Impetus plays at larger game scales, especially in terms of the impact of multiple forces in games.  I've got a few things to clear off the painting table - a 3/4 finished unit of 1/72 Napoleonics comes to mind, but after that, there's actually quite a few different projects I want to get going.  I still have to make a start on the 15mm Russians I picked up, the club is planning a demo day for Basic Impetus in early spring (medieval theme, I'm planning on Mongols, that project will likely bump my Spartans back for the time being), there's these guys, and a few of the club guys are diving into 15mm F&IW via the Muskets & Tomahawks game.  Oh, and 15mm Russians for Bolt Action ;)

In short, lots to paint, not enough time, and more games than I can shake a stick at.  Good days for geeking!



  1. These look superb. I love the idea of a massive Successors game using Impetus, but can't bring myself to paint the figures at the moment (especially since i'd probably end up having to paint two armies).

  2. Wonderful. You make these OG figures really shine! I think you'll like the 400 point game and I'm looking forward to seeing your future Impetus armies. Mongols? Smallish army but quite elite if I remember correctly!

  3. Excellent painting, love the shields!

  4. Blue and white, great colors, and you did a great job on these! A fantastic unit!

  5. Thanks gang. @Dux, yeah, I know what you mean ;) The eventual plan is have a minimum of 12 of these bases in the 500 point version of the list. On top of that, I've got plans to do a "timewarp" morph army to oppose these and my Spartans - a sort of M-LAP / Eastern Satraps / Seleucid conglomeration.

    @Monty, I guess the Mongols count as elite, as there's not a lot that's super-cheap. I'll start with the BI list, but with an eye to future expansion.


  6. Lovely painted minis! I love the combination of the white and blue and the shields are outstanding painted!