Sunday, October 28, 2012

More 1/72 French


I took a little time to finally finish these guys, who've been staring accusingly at me from the WiP shelf for a while now.  This is the third base of four projected for my first 1/72 French unit.


This is very much a back-burner project for me, as my glacial progress suggests.  I've sort of envisioned this as a flexibly-based set of units that could conceivably work for a number of rule sets, but in the back of my mind are Lasalle and Black Powder.


Playing in this scale requires big tables, however, and lots of space, i.e., it's not something that's going to happen any time soon.  I sort of picture it as my one day / big boy army.  By the time I'm in a position to use it, I'll probably have enough to use.


In the mean time, it's a different scale of project from pretty much anything else I'm working on, and despite my occasional maundering, I do enjoy pulling these out and puttering from time to time.  Next up is probably a little Bolt Action and Impetus painting.  No game next week, as it's Halloween, and I'm eviscerating pumpkins with the family, but hopefully I'll be able to churn out something postable for the occasion.



  1. Top notch painting and basing. I really like the effect you got by putting them towards the back of the base and the mix of figures.

    You prove once again, variety is the spice of tabletop painting and gaming!

  2. What can I say FMB, your work speaks quality. Congrat on another hit my friend. The details on the figures are incredible down to the backpack buckles. Would love to see them in person!


  3. ooh..they are nice!!!! Now you have´ll just have to create the opposition..then some guns..then some cavalry..a supply column..and and :-D

  4. That is a wonderful looking base of troops, very well done Sir!

  5. Really beautiful, they are looking great! Basing is also very nice!

  6. These look fantastic - so clean and crisp. They look like 28mm or larger. Best wishes on this project. Dean

  7. Excellent work! You've done brilliantly with the painting and basing.

    PLEASE do some more soon! Pretty please...

  8. Thanks, gang. I like painting these, but they are in direct competition with stuff to paint for immediate gaming. Maybe I can convince some of the club guys to go for 1/72 napoleonics?

  9. Nice job on these, I have a similar basing style for my 15mm Naps, my french are 12 in 3 ranks to a base.

  10. Holy hell, those are gorgeous! The painting is top-notch and the base looks great. White is always so difficult to get right, but those trousers look remarkable.

  11. Wonderfull painted figures of my favorite period! I also like how you based them! I support the others: "We want more!"