Saturday, November 24, 2012

Feel the love


Thanks to Monty over at Twin Cities Gamer (thanks, Monty!), I've been nominated for a Liebster award.

Those of you on the blog-o-sphere will know this has gone viral over the last week or so, and seems to consist of an ongoing effort to publicize small / lesser-known blogs.  The rules of the game are that once nominated, you pay it forward, by nominating five other blogs, with the provision that all five must have less than 200 followers.   For criteria I went with the fun / cool factor. Whenever I notice one of the these blogs has updated, there's inevitably a "hey, cool!" reaction.  In different ways, they all represent aspects of the hobby I love.  In no particular order, these are my nominations:

Onira's War Paints

Onira is a spanish painter and sculpter, who does some of the best work I've seen.  Mostly focussed on Napoleonics, his work regularly prompts "holy crap!" posts to the THMG forums.  Occasionally releases his incredible sculpts for sale in small numbers.

1000 Foot General

More or less defines the phrase "hobby enthusiast".  Batreps, terrain tutorials, convention reports and some rather nice painting, all tempered with a cheerfully expressed delight in what he's doing.  I never know what's going to be in his posts, but they're always fun to read.

Joy and Forgetfulness

Mostly focused on 1/72 napoleonics, Kinch's graceful writing expresses the best of old school gaming.  Pipe in hand, he sets out to give the French a good kicking, and if a glass of port or three are ingested along the way, all the better.

The Inevitable Spark

Mostly historicals, mostly 28s, and all fun.  Spark's blog combines a real love of history with an absolute absence of pedantry.  He won my heart with his paint caddy cum coffee cartridge holder.  I wants it.

Da Green Skins

A little bit fantasy, a little bit rock and roll. Da Boss is an eclecticist after my own heart.  Just starting up a big Dropzone Commander project, so should be good for a little proxy pleasure for those craving a sci-fi fix.
And there you have it.  5 great blogs in dire need of your patronage.  Go get 'em!



  1. Congrats on the nomination! And it's a nice post!


  2. Thank you very much for throwing my name in the same hat as all of those other amazing blogs. This blogging about the hobby has become a very rewarding endeavor. (by the way, I don't do 15mm, not yet any way. I think you meant 28mm)


  3. Congrats and great list! I've fallen further down the rabbit hole, reading up on blogs I haven't seen before.

  4. Congrats Monkey. Digging the new blog layout!

  5. Cheers FMB.
    Thank's for including my blog in your selection.
    I must point out that I'm not the sculptor of my miniatures:

    I just give the concept and work in the design with the talented sculptor Antonio Zapatero.


  6. Really? Not that I'm disappointed, they remain lovely sculpts I don't see outside your blog, but I always had the impression you did them yourself.


  7. I just wanted to say thanks for nominating my blog page for this award. I paid if forward yesterday in a blog post. This is a great way to find new blog pages and see their work. Again, thank you