Sunday, December 30, 2012

Be it resolved that . . .


We're still digging out after Christmas, and I'm very much at that stage where leaving the decorations up until next year seems like a preferable option to dragging out the storage bins.  I've caught myself wondering how long I can string the tree along, provided a sufficient supply of fortified water.

Hairy toes or not, this guy is on to something.

Not much time these last few days for much in the way of geekery; I've not even had much chance to look over my Christmas loot.  On the other hand, I've got the Cub on the couch next to me, Puddin' is curled up on my lap, I've given my Beloved the afternoon off to herself, and I can't think of much I'd rather be doing than mucking about with the kids.

So not me.

I did get a bit of time yesterday to knock the painting desk into shape, and have been giving some thought to the New Year.  While I'm not willing to lock myself in to particular projects, it's certainly the case that there are some I know I'll want to work on.  That said, here are my goals for 2013.

Sadly, this is probably closer to the truth.

1.  Bring my Impetus Antigonid army to 400 points, and 2 commands (with a camp).  I really want to play games at this point level, and I want to do it fully painted.

Hey, Alexander, I can see your house from up here!

2. Bring my BA Soviets to 500 points +.  Fully painted is the goal here, and the jump from 500 to 1000 is smaller than it sounds, especially once I factor in the cost of a tank.

Just paint 30 more guys.  After that, it's all downhill.

3.  Paint 400 points of French and Natives for Muskets and Tomahawks.

He says, "You're welcome for the help, but maybe next time, we'll skip the smallpox."

4. Paint a BI "core" force for the Ayyubid Egyptians.  I doubt these will be done by the event in Feb., but frankly, the figs are too nice to rush.

It's a good thing we met you, brave Aryan hero!

5.  Bring my Skorne to 35 points, painted.  This is a good size for an evening's game (or two), and I want to play fully painted.

They told him not to eat the spicy wings.

6.  Make a start on Rohirrim for Impetus Fantasy.  The official version of this game is due for release in 2013, I have the core of a force to work with, and I'm keen to get some Rohhirim painted up.  I've liked the GW figures since they were first released (what, 10 years ago?), and having a solid game with which to use them is pretty exciting.

Do you ever wonder how they choose who gets to stand in back?

Given the pace at which I tend to get painting finished this is a pretty full slate.  That said, I'm aware there are going to be side-trips.  For starters, sometime in March, several hundred Reaper figs are due for delivery, and I'm going to want to paint some of them.  I'd be shocked if I didn't get a Napoleonics itch at some point in the year.  The Platea book my beloved got me has me eyeing my Spartans, and it would be easy enough to justify adding to the test base I've done for them, along with some allied greeks, and maybe some Achaemenids to fight . . . .

Why won't you just die!

I think my real goal for 2013 will be to just relax and enjoy the hobby.  I'm at a stage in my life where resources now seem to outstrip time (knock on wood), so I'm going to worry less about getting stuff done, and feel less guilty about playing unpainted, and just enjoy the time I have to paint and game.

* edit *

Just had a look over my end of year post in 2011, and found it interesting to see what I had planned at the time.  Projects, in order, were:

1. SYW French in 6mm
2. FoW Cossacks
3.  Bretonnians for WFB / Impetus
4. Successors for Impetus in 15mm
5. 1/72 Napoleonics
6. Everything else, with specific mention of Dystopian Wars and Khador for Warmachine.

Of these, I completed or made significant progress for numbers 1 and 4, and did little or nothing for the other three.  I'm not sure I put brush to model for the Brets or the cossaks, which actually makes me a little sad.  I suspect a big part of this comes from the influence of the THMG.  I got in plenty of Maurice gaming, and in the first part of the year, Impetus as well (I'm actually jonesing for a game).  I got a few bases of the Naps done, but not much, and my cossacks have languished for some time now, despite the advent of FoW 3rd edition, mainly because no one at the club's been playing (up until the last couple months anyways).

The Khador project saw a fair bit of prep, but I didn't get any painting done, and it's been bumped by the Skorne that Ilan was kind enough to donate.  Dystopian Wars saw a little bit of painting, but I've yet to play a game, and haven't really found anyone to play with, at least within my regular gaming circle.

On the other hand, my historical ambitions have radically expanded, as I putter about imagining multiple 15mm projects.  This is rapidly being cemented as my preferred scale, for historicals, anyway.  It'll be interesting to see how much of this year's list I get through come December 2013.  That's assuming, of course, the Mayans weren't right, and this time next year we aren't looking at something along the lines of:

Who says a third party candidate can't win?



  1. You're thinking of skipping the BI event? :(

    1. Not skipping, but I don't think I'll be fully painted.

  2. Ah, usually when we do events, we only play with painted figures - hence the booking the event several months in the future rather than as soon as possible.

  3. Posted to the forum to see what we're going to do about the BI day: since I wouldn't want to see you not be able to play, but I'd prefer we also keep the event rules on painted figures only. I'd much rather see the event postponed and done at a later date than either of those happen.

  4. Sounds like a fulfilling year - best of luck and I look forward to watching your progress from the sidelines. I share your sentiment of relaxing, having fun and enjoying the great hobby.

    Happy New Year!
    ~ Jonathan

  5. Very impressive...looking fforward to watch this! Very nice pictures!

  6. Good luck on the plan! My mother always told me that if you didn't get your decorations away by 12th night they would all turn into goblins!

  7. Accomplish only the goal of finding contentment in life and you will have won the game. Enjoy your family in the coming New Year.

  8. A hefty project list but you can do it! It makes sense to focus on those things that are active in your club. After all, whats the point of painting it up if it just goes on a shelf to gather dust?

    Happy New Year!

  9. Best wishes on your 2013 projects. I'm sure you'll see most, if not all, to fruition. I see from your previous post your sister so kindly got you Black Powder and Last Argument. I'm pretty sure I'll be getting Albion Triumphant. Warm Regards, Dean

  10. "I think my real goal for 2013 will be to just relax and enjoy the hobby."

    Amen! Good Luck to you and to us all in that objective!
    Best wishes for 2012

  11. 'But what about second Christmas?'

    Cracked me up. :)

    New follower. GREAT goals for the new year. Best of luck with them!

    1. Thanks, Joseph. No idea how well I'll do with them, but we'll see ;)

  12. The club is thinking of doing Fantasy Impetus in 28mm? And GW LOTR 28mm to boot? This may actually draw me in as I'd like to do dwarves but not 15mm dwarves.