Sunday, December 16, 2012

Quantum of quantity.


Finished up the first full squad of Soviet regulars, so my heroic comrade Rambo has some company.


Pics are quick, on the shelf jobs this time, sad to say, as thinks chez Monkey have been a wee bit hectic of late.  The rampaging grot I came down with a few weeks back has meant that what was supposed to be a leisurely end of term and Christmas has become rather other.


I seem to be having either problems with the focal depth on the camera, or a bad case of shaky hands.  We'll chalk it up to an effort at Private Ryan-esque gritty realism I think, rather than the sudden realisation that lo, the Lord's day had near come and gone without an update.


I think they turned out all right, to be honest.  This leaves me with a rifle squad to paint up (my free squad for being a heroic defender of the Soviet people), and then a squad of vets (for which I'm planning to use some battlefront scouts).

At the moment, I'm plowing through a Skorne warlock, Hexeris.  It's a lovely fig, but like much of the Skorne line, is ridiculously detailed, so is taking a donkey's age to finish.  I won't be getting in a game Wednesday, but I'm planning on dropping by the club to pick up my Blue Moon figs from marke.  The gang is planning some sort of Zombie extravaganza, so I'll try to snap some pics, and maybe do that Legio Heroica review I've talked about.



  1. The pictures look good to me, so no worries there, and the painting is great as always!

  2. oh my! The Soviets found the elephants!

    (great photos!)

  3. Great work there! Just have to see the Soviets on the table!

  4. Very nice! Soviets are looking great! Elephants too...

  5. Great looking figs, what WWII rules are you using?

    1. Thanks, Dan. We're using Bolt Action, though I suppose they're usable for other single-fig skirmish games as well. We keep the ranges the same, just use 15mm figs - there's a couple of AARs on the blog, just click the Bolt Action label and scroll down.

  6. Looks very impressive :) Congratulations. :)