Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sundry painting


Got a bit of painting in over the last week, mostly BA Soviets.  First up are my second weapon team, the PTRD anti-tank rifle.


With only a +2 pen bonus, these guys aren't likely to be giant slayers, but they can put pins on vehicles at long range, and will pose a real threat to transports, open topped stuff, etc.


I also managed to paint up the heroic LM gunner from my last game, along with some company.



Looks like the rifleman is in need of a little more matt coat ;)

In addition, I knocked out a test fig for my planned 15mm  Russian guard force for Lasalle.  First unit will be second batalion, Semenovsky Guards.


The level of detail on these AB figs is insane.  Actually figuring out what all the doodaddery on the fig was, was probably the most difficult part.  In some ways, I think the project would be easier at 28mm ;)  Still undecided about whether to go with metallics on these or not.


While this is going to be a back burner project for the next while, I can see it coming to the fore by summer 2013, and being one of my major projects in 2013.  The club guys are planning a build up in 10mm for the anticipated new US civil war game by Sam Mustafa, but so far the idea isn't lighting me up.  I may have actually dodged the Magpie on that one.  Getting a Lasalle force together would serve as a viable alternative.

In addition, my Ayyubids arrived from Legio Heroica a few days ago.  I'm hoping to sit down with them tonight after the Puddin' is in bed, and have myself a good drool.  I'll try to get pics of them and a proper review for next weekend, maybe.



  1. Very nice! Tha anty-tank crews are great!

  2. Tell your employer you need a sabbatical to put all of your projects to bed! Love your work with the Russians.

  3. I would love to paint me up some Soviets some day... yours look fabulous!

  4. That, sir, is a very neat bit of 15mm painting! I doff my hat.