Saturday, January 12, 2013

Ghulam Command


Finished up the first base for the BI Ayyubid project, the general's stand of Ghulam / Mamluk cavalry.


Impetus Unit Type:  CP
Base Size 8cm x 6cm
Manufacturer:  Legio Heroica 15mm

As I said in my earlier review, these figures really are gorgeous.  Now that the unit's complete, I'm feeling much better about them.  Based up, I think they look pretty good, and I'm actually looking forward to painting some more once I get a few things out of the way.


I'm doing this army a little differently than the Antigonids, in that I'm only going to integrate command figures onto command bases.  I still need a flag for these guys; I'm hoping to be able to print off a few samples and then see what works best.


One of the stumbling blocks I encountered with this army was that the BI list (which we're using for the club event) is comprised mainly of high-VBU bow-armed cavalry.  These units, while entirely appropriate for the period, are a nightmare for forces lacking in a hard counter (as I discovered with my Anitgonids).  The solution I came up with was to use the list as written, but in terms of built / painted units, sub in two units of lancers.  As I'll be playing these with the full game outside of the event, this gives me a starter force that has enough bow to be historically appropriate, but which hopefully won't be as frustrating for opponents.


With this base finished, I'm going to paint up a couple of test figures for Muskets and Tomahawks, and then play it by ear.  I've got a few things primed up and waiting, but I'm trying not to overplan the painting queue.  Warmahordes is scheduled for Wednesday, and then likely Maurice and Impetus in the weeks following.  In the meantime, I'm reading through a biography of Catherine the Great by Robert Massie that's proving interesting.  My Christmas books arrived this week as well, so I've plenty to keep me occupied.



  1. They look great Markus!

    What unit are you doing next for the BI force?

  2. Nice, i might buy some legio herorica after all.

  3. beautiful pedestal, Legio Heroica figures are great, another great army in preparation
    strongly after

  4. Looking good! Very sporting of you to give your Ayyubids some lancers to make the games a little tighter. Looking forward to seeing your progress on Muskets & Tomahawks too!

  5. Very good start, i really like the LH minis too. Im just running out of steam painting them.....

    For some pretty flags have a look here

    just scroll down the page a bit for the Ayyubid flags.


  6. Amazing work! Please accept my sincere congratulations :)


  7. Really nice. Should be a great army as always from you

  8. I'm reading Soldiers of Fortune-The Story of the Mamlukes and here you are painting them! I love these guys and now I want to play Impetus! How far is it from MPLS to Toronto? ;-)

    1. Second star from the right, then straight on 'till morning ;) Not as far as you'd think - my dad used to travel out your way quite often when I was a kid.

  9. Well, they are really impressive! Looking so strong, so fierce, so did a wonderful work!
    All the best,