Sunday, January 20, 2013

You want to talk tough?


I've been fascinated by the Seven Years War, especially the North American component, pretty much from the time I first heard about it.  As a kid, I still remember my grandparents singing "The Maple Leaf Forever", and years later, finding out it actually referred to something real.  Not surprisingly, once I discovered historical games, I've been on the look-out for one that does the 7YW / FIW justice, and is fun to play.  , Consequently the recent release of Muskets and Tomahawks, and the enthusiasm for the project at the local club, has me more than a little excited.

Like Bolt Action, we've decided to do this in 15mm, and most of us have gone with the excellent range by Blue Moon.  I'm planning to begin with a mixed force of Natives and Compagnie de la Marine Franche, and got a few test figures painted up over the last week.


You may talk about your Lancers or your Irish Fusileers, but for my money, the soldiers of the CdlMF were some of the toughest dudes to walk the earth in the 18th century.  These guys operated thousands of miles from home, in a frankly alien and hostile environment, in tiny units, with minimal support.  And they were the local problem solvers, the ones that other extremely tough people relied on when they encountered problems they couldn't handle.  They had to be adaptable, resilient, and durable, or they'd die.  Hat's off to them.


The figures themselves are terrific.  Some flash, but easily removed, excellent detail, and they take paint well. They've got me looking at Blue Moon's other ranges with a speculative eye.


I also managed to get a flag for my recently completed Ayyubid unit, courtesy of a tip from yorkie.  I've no idea what the historical provenance of the flag is, but I think it looks pretty good.



In other news, my illustrious ally von Wattsenburg won his battle on Wednesday, which means a) the latest round of our Maurice campaign continues, and b) I actually get some use out depot battalions.  I've got a game scheduled for Wednesday, so keep your eyes peeled for a batrep.



  1. Looking good Markus!

    The figures, I mean, not you.

    Not that you aren't a handsome devil too though.

    I think I'll shut up now.

  2. I ordered some test packs of the AWI range which should arrive next week. Seeing your figures makes me feel better about the purchase.

  3. Fantastic figures, they are really impressive, and the Ayyubid flag is amazing, great, great colors!

  4. Well done on the figures and Blue Moon do make some great ones. The flag looks just great!


  5. Very nice figures. I've been interested in F&IW for quite some time. My collection is from Essex and I've been using Habitants & Highlanders but am planning to move up from 15mm to 28mm for skirmishes with Muskets & Tomahawks.

  6. Really like the finish you did on the Blue Moon figures. They could be 28mm for the end result. Really nice finishing.

  7. Love the Compagnies Franches, great painting.

  8. They're giants! Look at those little people next to them!

    I thought they were 28mm, beautiful painting.

    And the CdlMF did it all in white.

  9. My first thought on the top of the page was that you'd gone 28mm! I love everything on your painting table. Great M & T figures and the banner for the Ayyubids is icing on the cake. How did you get that bit on the very top of the staff?