Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Beaming Screagles


After the triumph and terror of Wednesday night's game, I sat down to try and work out a paint scheme / uniform for my human Blood Bowl team, which I think I've decided to christen the "Beaming Screagles".  I painted up the first figure for the team, who had the distinction of being my side's MVP.


Name:  Dirk Surefoot
Team:  Beaming Screagles
Number and Position:  2, Catcher

I went with something fairly clean and simple, using colours I knew would produce a good finish.  I might jazz things up a little later, the possibility of stripes on the pants comes to mind, or a helmet insignia, but for now, this'll work.


Mostly I went for good coverage and subtle highlights.  The colours are bright enough for the figs to pop on the table, and especially for a game like this, a slightly cartoony effect works fine.  I've been reading up on the game when I get a chance, and plotting multiple skill acquisitions, which is probably getting ahead of myself.  On the other hand, it's bringing home to me the depth that Blood Bowl seems to offer.  I have no idea why it took me so long to get into this game, but I'm glad I took the plunge.


I'm on the look-out for a few more figures (a couple of Blitzers and an Ogre), and in the meantime I've got another figure, a lineman, primed, but I'm also kind of itching to get some more painting in on the Ayyubids while the painting mojo is flowing.  This week's game is Starfleet, and they're ChrisB's models, so it should be a good-looking game.  A good chunk of the club is playing in the game, so it ought to be fun as well.



  1. Very cool figures and color scheme. Nice as is, but your possible additions would also look great. Best, Dean

  2. I never know what I'll see when I check in with your blog! Love the figure and your paint scheme.

    Even though I haven't seen the movie in years, this fellow reminded me of Rollerball. Minus the rollerskates, of course!

  3. Really nice choice of colours. As you say simple but very effective and executed with your normal level of skill. I really like the number you painted on the pad. Nice and really clean.

  4. The colors are really impressive...unusual and very nice figures!

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