Sunday, March 3, 2013

Second Squad


Just a quick painting post today, the second infantry squad for my Soviets in Bolt Action.


This is the second full squad for my planned 500 point list.  Depending on how I run them, this either leaves me with the free (gratis) squad of rookies, or that squad and a couple figs to round out the force.  Given how well things worked out on Wednesday, I might run with the larger number of slightly smaller squads.


Comparing this squad to the previous one, it looks like I did one more layer of bright highlights on the first squad.  Not sure whether to do it on these guys, however, as it seems to have de-saturated the colours a little, shifting the final tone from an olive-grey to straight grey.  Maybe I can warm it up somehow.

At any rate, I'm withing spitting distance of a full 500 points painted.  In the meantime, I've been working on the battleship for my EotBS fleet, and it should serve as my next post.  It's iffy on whether I'll be down at DG this week, as the Cub comes into town Friday, and there's much rushing about in preparation.