Sunday, April 28, 2013

Flying Fortress


Finally finished up the Tenkei Sky Fortress for Dystopian Wars the other day, so actually have a Sunday painting post (hurrah!).


This is actually the model that got me into the game.  Can anyone say helicarrier?


If I get ambitious later, I might go back and try to pick out more of the detail (cockpits on the fighters seem a little undefined, etc.), but for now, it's table ready.


I also finished up the "free" fighter tokens for the EotBS fleet.


With these finished, I need to paint up another cruiser and 6 flyer tokens to make 600 points.  I suspect short term I'm going to be engrossed in some ancients painting, but it shouldn't be too long before 600 painted points hit the table.

Speaking of ancients, Vonplutz seems to have caught the bug in earnest.  He's ordered Athenians, requested a game for Wednesday, and is looking into successors as well.  This could be a pretty good summer for geeky pursuits ;)



  1. That looks fantastic. I do think my fleet will get sidelined until I burn out painting Athenians. I watched Alexander again over the past two days and I really like how the portrayed Ptolemy... If the early Ptolemaic list is what I want that likely will be the way I go. You're Antigonids are from an early time span?

    1. Yep, the immediate diadochi period. He dominates the generation or so after Alexander's death, but is eventually taken down by a coalition of Seleucus (the one you're thinking about) and Lysymachus (the one Watts is doing), with some behind the scenes help from Ptolemy. His son Demetrius forges an alliance with Seleucus that lets D. take control of Greece and Macedon, and his son, Antigonus Gonatus, founds the Antigonid dynasty that dominates Macedonia until the Romans finally beat them (post-Punic Wars).

    2. Cool. I'll peruse the early lists on Wednesday.

  2. Dark, steely, imposing...steampunk! That's a great model and I especially like the weathered look you got on the deck.

  3. This is all kinds of good. First off the figure itself is impressive and then there's your brushwork, which is just amazing. The weathering and "grunging" up you did on this is so cool. Enjoyed this very much.

  4. I think the triumph of this finish is that I have no idea how big it is!