Thursday, May 16, 2013

Chaos and Disarray


Before I get into the meat of the blog, I thought I'd post a little heads up about a draw being run by Tamsin over at Wargaming Girl.  She's recently hit 100 000 blog hits, and is doing a week of give-aways to celebrate.  Today it's some sci-fi and Baccus stuff.  She's got a cool blog going, with an active club, so well worth checking out.

Got in something of a mega game last night, when about 8-9 of us got together for a game of Dystopian Wars.  I think maybe 6 of us had painted ships, and we shared them out among the group.  Prussians, Prussians, and EotBS vs. French, Brits, and 'Murcans.  Mostly it was about getting a bunch of people familiar with basic mechanics, and thanks be to God we had marke (goodmarke) at the table, who has a reassuring habit of not only reading the rules, but remembering them.

We need a side table.

We didn't sweat set up too much, just laid out some islands and the ships.  We were using tiny fliers for the first time, and ChrisB and I took over the fliers and aerocarriers on our side, while ernieR, evilMark, and eventually Jack1080 ran the surface ships.  On the opposing side, JJM ran the French, marke ran brits, and Foxlington and friend ran CSA.

Note the Prussian zepplin buzzing the island on the top left.  Something about flight stands and boring, I think ;)

As I recall, we only got in 3-4 turns all told, between the "lag" factor of a multi-player game, and the need to constantly ask about / look up / argue over the rules, but I think fun was had by all.  Opening stages were pretty straightforward, with both sides throwing forward a screen of frigates, cruisers, and fighters, while the heavy stuff lumbered behind.

The CSA and the Britannians have a special relationship.

I think Foxlington and friend got first blood, when evilMark pushed forward his Reiver Squadron, and F&F unloaded on it with a combination of cruisers and the CSA battleship.  After some hard pounding, the Reivers sank, though I think they got in a few shots on the way down.

I love the lone Nakatsu staring down the battleship.

On our side of the table, ernieR pushed his Nakatsus forward, more or less engaging two French frigate squadrons, the French battleship, and the squadron of Marseille cruisers at the same time.  He managed to sink a couple of the frigates and damage the cruisers, while the Nakatsus weathered a hail of return fire.

See that Marseille cruiser floating top right?

I advanced my Tenkei Skycarrier in support, with two wings of fighters and two of torpedo bombers.  The initial game plan was to engage with fighters to strip air cover while ernieR did some damage, then send in the bombers to finish off some surface vessels, but time constraints and general chaos eventually prompted me to just throw stuff in ;)

Not any more you don't!

I sent in a flight of 4 torpedo bombers, and although the fearsome French AA took down 2, the ones that got through were enough to finish off one of the damaged Marseille cruisers.  Meanwhile, the French frigates rammed the Nakatsu which had inserted itself in front of them (the most anti-climactic collision I've ever heard of), and the French battleship moved up and engaged, blowing one of ernieR's Nakatsus out of the water.  A second torpedo run by my other flight of bombers was blown out of the sky on their attack run.

Of course, that lone Nakatsu's gone too . . . .

On the left, things were getting hairy.  ChrisB's large flight of torpedo bombers had engaged a flight of CSA fighters, and the ensuing furball lasted for several turns.  Both evilMark and Jack1080s battleships were advancing into range, firing as they came.  Meanwhile, evilMark sent his frigate squadron into the CSA battleship to board it, but only managed to strip its crew of 5 AP.  In the centre, the British were advancing, trading long-range shots with our ships across the board . . .

evilMark boards the CSA at top, while in the centre, Vanguard subs and Brit frigates consider their options against two Prussian battleships.

 . . .at which point the store employee came downstairs to ask if we were ever leaving ;)

I really like this game, though I think efficient play in multi-player probably requires broader familiarity with the rules, and a little more time; it was close to 8 by the time the game really got going.  I'm also picking up on the dual nature of the game.  It seems to be one that rewards practice and familiarity with the rules; interactions matter, and understanding them makes you a better player.  It also works, however, as a beer and pretzels, dice and explosions game.  In other words, experience and tactical knowledge will help you win, but aren't necessary to having fun.

Pride of the fleet.

I've got a base of Spartan hoplites almost finished, and they should be ready for a Sunday update.  I'm also working on some housecleaning projects; I want to magnetize my completed Impetus and Maurice bases (will likely to a hobby post on that), and I want to replace the flags on my Maurice bases as well; they're showing some wear, and I want to switch them out for something more durable.  There are tentative plans for a test game of Muskets and Tomahawks next week, which will likely spark some 18th c. painting as well.



  1. Great pictures, looks like it was a good game.

  2. Nice report and next time the British hit the table they will be painted. I dislike playing with unpainted stuff...

  3. I have always been intrigued by that game - it looks fascinating. Great battle report!

  4. So sad I missed this! Looked like a blast.

  5. 8 players? Holy cow! Great looking mashup with great figures.

  6. Yeah, we had fun. Like I said, the game works well both at a thinky-tactical level and at a kaboom level. Some of the newer ship countries are pretty hot as well. Chinese, Italians, and the French you see in the post are all pretty sweet.


  7. Very, very nice!! Great looking figures of a wonderful battlefield...a fantastic work!

  8. Trying hard to get a community going locally. Great to see this game work out for more than two players.