Sunday, May 5, 2013

Chuck Norris was my Strategos


As mentioned in Thursday's post, I've finished up the front base for the first unit of Spartan hoplites.


Impetus Unit Type:  FP
Base Size:  8cm x 3cm
Manufacturer:  Xyston, AB 15mm

I put some of the more heavily armoured figures on this base, along with command.  When I lined them up, however, I noticed a couple of  things.  One is the repetition of figures on the left side, and the other is that the bronze colour is slightly different between the two bases; that's what I get for doing them so far apart in time, I guess.


I'm thinking in future, I'll try to paint both bases as a single batch.  It'll be one of the larger blocks of 15mm painting I've done, but it'll allow for more consistency.


In game terms, these are about as hard as it gets.  Spartans are high VBU, high discipline, and have considerable resilience from depth.  They are, of course, ridiculously expensive, but you get what you pay for.

I'm in the process of finishing up some Lakedemonian peltasts, and they should be finished in plenty of time for next week's painting post.  I was thinking about doing some more French for M&T after that, before getting back to hoplites.  I seem to have had an ancients fire lit, and would like to take advantage while I can ;)  There's a biggish game of Dystopian Wars planned for Wednesday.  The Beloved is down with a rotten cold, however, so fingers crossed she's feeling better in time.


I totally forgot about this. Over at DHC Wargaming they're doing a giveaway of a couple of rather spiffy books.  I've my eye on the Waterloo one, but well worth having a look.  Best of luck winning the Bulge book ;)



  1. Awesome, keep Painting ancients! ;-)

  2. Good work, I love the piper in the 2nd row. And the commander in the first!

  3. Best title for a blog post ever! Great looking units.

  4. They look great. Can't beat Spartans! I wouldn't have noticed either of the "issues"!

  5. Great job on these rock hard fighters!


  6. Wonderful looking troops!! Love the musician too...

  7. very good job, and there the mass effect