Monday, June 24, 2013

It's coming!


So, after much waiting, and the occasional muttered curse, it looks like Reaper has navigated both Canadian customs and their wily Chinese sub-contractors, and has shipped my kickstarter package!


In addition to the basic Vampire package, I picked up a few extras, including some giants, a clockwork dragon, and the Old One himself ;)

More flamies




Big guy

Part of the excitement has been the anticipation; I kicked in on this last Fall, and minis were supposed to start shipping in March, so it's been a wait.  That said, I have only the vaguest idea what I'm going to do with these, never mind where I'm going to put them!  There's some pieces I think will strictly be for the joy of painting them, especially some of the bigger stuff.  A fair bit of it might be useful for HoTT or Song of Blades as well.  I also have notions of these being "gateway" minis for the kids.

At the end of the day though, I think this is kind of a cultural phenomena.  Gaming kickstarters have really taken off in the last year, but this is the one that inspired them, and it's nice to be a part of it.  Of course, there's also the sheer pleasure of un-boxing.  For those of you unfamiliar with this thing, here's my favourite clip of the "basic" package.

Fingers crossed for Bloodbowl Wednesday.



  1. Shit! That's a lot of figs! Your postman is likely to get a hernia delivering all that!

  2. You could make any number of Mordheim warbands with these.

  3. I am still waiting, I have a 9 item package! I figure they will ship it and it will arrive while I am on vacation next week.

    @Vladdd309 It's a FLOAD of figures!

  4. :-o WHAT?

    This will keep you busy for years, I think. Looking forward to seeing you paint fantasy.

  5. That's going to keep you busy for a very loooooooong time!


  6. Be sure to give us a review on the quality of the castings and the material. Seems like an awful lot of models for a low price so I wonder if there's a downside. And I'm jealous I snoozed on the kickstarter myself ;)

  7. Mine is finally on its way too. yay!