Sunday, June 30, 2013

So, I'm Pitching?


Finished up another Bloodbowl player, and started work on a few more.


Having picked up star player points (i.e., experience points) on 4 other players, I made a start on them.  White and skin is done, leaving just blue and yellow to go.  I'm hoping to have them ready for next week's post.


I'm keeping the scheme simple, at least to start.  Once I get the team finished, I might mess around with stripes and whatnot, but basic paint is a priority.


One thing I might do is play around with the yellow a little, maybe go for some more intense shades.  It's a little thin as is, at least in some spots.

I've also come across a good Bloodbowl podcast, Three Die Block.  There's content going back to 2009, so plenty of material on which to get caught up.  Next couple of Wednesdays are dedicated to family, but I've got a tentative game scheduled for mid-July against a Nurgle team.  I'm not sure if I'll be fully painted, but I should have a good chunk finished.  I've also got a line on that figure I blogged about last post, and am in the process of hunting up a good figure for the team Ogre, whom I want to recruit next.  I'm also digging through the drawers of shame, looking for some unused stuff to unload; I'm hoping to fund the purchase of a full BB game box, while GW still has them in stock.



  1. To be honest with you, I like the way they look as is. There's a simple elegance in that clean, uncluttered look. Sometimes less is more.

  2. I love the look, for some reason remind me a little of the movie Flash Gordon!

  3. Thanks, gang. Flash Gordon, Fran? The oversize pads and sashes and stuff, yeah, I can see that. Classic early '90s GW.

    @Anne, you're probably right. The odds of pooching things are pretty high the more I try to get fancy.


  4. These do look marvelous!

    And I'm with Anne. I just screwed up a bunch of scratch painted shields by going over them "one more time." ARGGG!

  5. Very nice done in a very flashy colour!