Sunday, July 28, 2013

Don't fear the Reaper

It came!  It came!

That's a 40k ork on top, for scale.

My big box of awesome arrived from Reaper the other day, after many delays, and much UPS frustration.  All's well that ends well, however, and I sat myself down after the kids were in bed for a little belated Christmas morning glee (my participation in the kickstarter was a Christmas present from the family).

Pride of place in the box was mighty Cth'ulhu, who from his pointed toeses to his wriggly noses is chalk full of awesome.

Even without appendages.

In addition to both big C and Wyrmgear the clockwork dragon, I picked up a few other extras, notably some giants.  The bulk of the package, however, were the bags contained in the Vampire pledge box.

Goody bags.

These were remarkable well-packed.  Just one bag, when opened, produced this:

Yes, that's an ape with a machine gun.  He's on the painting list.

And, once unbagged, the collection actually began to rival the kid's mess:

Diego!  Fear the wrath of Great Cth'ulhu!

There seem to be two main lines of discussion over at the Reaper forums regarding the Bones KS.  One focuses on what people plan to do with the minis, and the other on what they regret.  In terms of the latter, I kind of regret not picking up more big stuff, like dragons or some more giants.  Also, some more of the Tre Manor orky guys, which rock on toast.  In terms of what to do?  I have some general ideas, mainly involving games like HoTT or SBH, but honestly, a lot of this will just be for the joy of painting.

The Dread Sleeper surveys his kingdom.

I'm in the midst of a unit of Skorne paingivers, but once they're done, I might try my hand at painting one of these.  There's a clay golem I have my eye on that'll do nicely as an ogre for my human BB team, with a little greenstuff modification.  Fingers crossed.



  1. That Cthulhu is just amazing, I love mine!

  2. I picked up my Dragons from a buddy today. The package arrived last week. he figures he now has another 5 years worth of painting to do.


  3. Yeah, sounds about right. Both regarding Cth'ulhu and the painting schedule ;)


  4. You got in on one of the great Kickstarts! That is just a ton of figures. Impetus fantasy, perhaps. ;-)

  5. Wow - that is a lot of projects - the Cthulhu really looks enticing - can't wait to see that huge guy painted up. Best, Dean

  6. Wow they look brilliant FMB!

  7. That looks like amazing fun to paint and game with.. have fun! *jealous*

  8. Even more jealous now that I noticed the kickstarter after it had ended. Well, I suppose I can console myself on that I don't have a pile of new miniatures on my "unpainted" -list :)