Sunday, July 14, 2013

Team-building Exercise


I was away; I have returned.

Having spent the last week on an honest-to-goodness away-from home vacation (rented cottage north of the city), for the first time in several years, I find myself back in the swing of things a little more relaxed than usual.  We had ourselves a great time, mostly mucking around in the lake and hosting family (among other things, celebrating Puddin's 2nd birthday), but it means that sweet Fanny Albright was completed on the painting front over the last week.

Not to fear, however, as I made a point of getting enough finished before we left to have a post for today.  Managed to repaint a few more players for the Beaming Screagles, my developing human team for Blood Bowl.


I'm looking forward to getting these guys on the table this week, as I've got a game scheduled against marke's somewhat drippy and pustulant Nurgle team.


The plan so far has been to paint models as they pick up experience ("star player points"), though at this point, I'll probably switch to the classic "finish what's left" mode of production soon ;)


I'm in the process of converting a couple of linemen (acquired from marke, as it happens) into some more blitzers.  The human team can have up to 4, but the starter set I picked up a while back only comes with 2.


I'm using green stuff to add the additional padding and plume that seem to be the key distinguishing features, plus maybe the larger face guard if I can do it without mucking up the figures.


Once they're finished, I have a real hankering to paint up some Skorne.  There's been a minimum unit of Paingivers on the painting table for a couple of months now, and I want to get them finished.  They're as close to an auto-include as it gets for Skorne, and some of my favorite figures in the range.


On a related note, it looks like PP has just released rules for some upcoming character journeyman warcasters for each faction.  This is kind of like early Christmas; a lot of people, myself included, have wanted this for a long time.  Just looking over them has me chest deep in faction envy ;).  If you've not taken a look at them yet, I recommend doing so.

I'll cover Wednesday's game next Sunday, which gives me a couple of weeks to get some painting in.  With a little luck, that'll mean some finished Skorne the week after.  Until then, enjoy your summer, and happy gaming.



  1. Looking good! I actually just converted some human lineman to blitzers. You can check it out here:

    Hope it helps!