Saturday, August 31, 2013

Froggie went a courtin'


Bit of an early post today, as tomorrow is likely to be hectic.  I finally finished up the Skorne Basilisk Krea that's been sitting on the work table for months.  For whatever reason, I just could not get this looking the way I wanted, but she's finished, and it feels good to clear the deck.


In-game, I love the Krea.  Like the paingivers in the last post, it's a support piece, with the potential for some late-game combat punch.  Her main benefit is the aura she generates via her animus.  It projects nearby models from ranged attacks on the way in, and drops the DEF of enemy models in close proximity once lines close.  She's also got a DEF-dropping ranged attack.


Because her ranged accuracy isn't hot, the gun is less about dropping the defences of nimble opposing models, and more about lowering the DEF of heavy hitters from "probably going to hit" into the "can't miss" range.  That allows my own heavies to get the most efficiency from their Fury, and lets lighter offensive options, like my Cyclops Savage, concentrate on damage.


I've been struggling with pictures lately, and really had to jank the brightness and contrast on these shots to get them looking close to the model itself.  Might be time to break down and build myself some kind of collapsible light box.


The completion of the Krea brings my painted Skorne to 15 points, a minimum legal size, i.e., I can now officially play legal warmahordes.  I'd like to get a game in over the next couple weeks, but with most of the club in a froth over the Ronin particiption game the THMG are running at Kegscon, it may be difficult to find an opponent.  I'm pretty sure Nick the Lemming will be up for a historical game, however, so I should have a Thursday update.



  1. Nice! I love PP's miniatures.

    It seems like a really amphibian monster... back to your waterhole monster!

  2. Very, very nicely painted. A great looking figure too. Reminds me a bit of the saurus that fought Captain Kirk in one of my favorite Star Trek episodes. Best, Dean

  3. More great work here! I especially love your work with his skintone and the jewels.

    Frog and Toad are friends, until Frog became a pumped up freak of a monster.

  4. nice job , I love your work, be it the history or the fantastic