Thursday, August 22, 2013

Time to apply the whip.

First off, the Laughing Ferret is having a give-away to celebrate 200 000 hits.  His blog is a little like this one, with about a bazillion projects on the go at any one time.  What I love in particular is his focus on conversion.  Check out his custom Tiberion for Skorne, or his post on a robot team for Blood Bowl.  Guy's a genius.  It's a sweet contest, and a fun blog, so I'd highly recommend you check it out.

Around here, it's been an odd couple of weeks for me.  I've been feeling a tad disengaged from hobby stuff of late, probably a combination of a number of factors.  Summer craziness, my traditional end-of-summer slump with the Cub due to head back to his mom's (we've only got about a week to go), some frustration with the thing I'm currently painting (a Krea for my Skorne), etc.  Add in that I recently re-discovered an old, but favorite video game (now available for purchase at Good Old Games, and painting progress has more or less ground to a halt.

Most re-playable game ever.  No, really, you should check it out.

Thankfully, I had a bit of content stashed up my sleeve for this week's post.  More to the point, I had a post about some figures who's role in game is to lash reluctant serving-beasts to work.  Gotta love Skorne.


These are a minimum unit of Skorne Paingivers, one of the classic "support" units in the game (their closest equivalent would be the Choir from Menoth).  They  provide free buffs and fury management to Skorne warbeasts.  Free strength, free charges, free healing, free Fury addition / subtraction.  They're also not entirely useless in a fight, and can give an opponent a nasty surprise.


These guys can take a poster-child for mediocrity, like the Rhinodon, and turn it into a viable threat (and thus a favourable trading piece).  They can turn an already good warbeast, like the Gladiator, into a wanton engine of destruction.  Good times.

In addition, I finished another support piece, this time a solo, the Extoller Soulward.


This handy little lady serves a couple of functions.  She collects the souls of dead Skorne (like the Paingivers), can use them to power her respectable ranged attack or give them to Ancestral Guardians (which I might add down the road), and most importantly, can grant the ability Eyeless Sight, which allows models to ignore LoS as well as defensive abilities like stealth.


So, for example, she can allow the afore-mentioned Gladiator, whipped into a frenzy by the Paingivers, to charge right through line of sight blocking terrain like some woods, or say, some cloud banks, to lay a monstrous beat-down on the opposition.  Super handy.


With pHexeris, she also allows for LoS ignoring shenanigans when used in conjunction with an Eyeless Sight channeller.  Like the Krea I'm currently struggling to paint.  Love what she does on the table, not so much painting the model.  Don't know why.

I think what I'll do is try to just gut it out and finish the Krea in the next couple of days.  Once she's finished, I've got 15 points painted, a small, but entirely legal force.  After that, I've been itching to do some historicals, maybe some Spartans, and then probably some more guys for Blood Bowl.  No post on the weekend, as I'll be in "how much Dad time can I cram into the last few days" mode, but I should have a game next Wednesday, so the next post is in a week.

And go visit the Ferret!



  1. I have no idea what Skorne are, but they are some really nice figures.


  2. Great painting on these interesting figs, FMB. Will take a looksee at the Ferret's site. Best, Dean

  3. I love it! Your color theme and technique for this series continues to rock. BTW, I think I work for an Extoller. She keeps my soul in a container much like the one pictured. And I've felt the lash of the Paingivers too many times to count.

  4. Wow. Those Skorne Paingivers are absolutely gorgeous. The subtle color palette works perfectly. Very impressive and inspired work!

  5. Very nicely painted figures indeed with a great choice of colours!


  6. Cracking figures FMB,
    Enjoy yer weekend!

  7. I like the subdued palette on these as well and the brushwork is excelent. I'd like to paint up a unit, but I can't afford them.

  8. I like your style with color selection and execution on these very much. Elegantly understated.

  9. Very nice Skorne..that army is going to be even cooler the bigger it gets. Thanks for the plug :)

  10. Beautiful figures, great details!!

  11. Superb choice of colours and painting.