Sunday, October 20, 2013

Wheels, Winning and Whimsy


A bit of a mixed bag for you this week.  First up, the last of my painted 1000 points of Soviets, a looted Maultier for my veteran squad, and a T-34 / 76.







They're both pretty workmanlike.  Basecoat, drybrush, and detailing, but I wanted them done and on the table.  If I ever find myself with nothing to paint, I can go back and futz with them a little.  I'm still learning how to get the most out of both (the truck has been a rush delivery unit, and the T-34 has mostly fenced with opposing tanks), but it's nice to get some wheels on the table.

In other news, you remember that give-away contest at the Palouse Journal I mentioned last post?  Hey, guess who won this shiny new book?

Your ever-lovin' blue-eyed blogger, that's who!  Many thanks to Jonathan, and I look forward to pretty pictures, maps and a heady dose of geopolitical determinism ;)

Finally, I've been feverishly puttering away on Blood Bowl stuff.  I'm spending a chunk of the weekend with some club buddies indulging in saturation levels of BB, plus maybe some other stuff as ballast.  In consequence, I've been scrambling to finish painting the current roster of the Beaming Screagles (barring catastrophe, should be ready), and get tokens (figures for a turn marker, re-rolls, etc). together in time.  I'm still waffling on whether to try and convert a Reaper ogre from the Bones kickstarter or splurge on an "official" metal fig.  Probably will depend on how much time I have.

Time, J.O.E.!  That's the thing.

I've also been looking over some of the teams.  While I'm hoping to get in some games with my league-developed humans, I figure this is a good chance to try some others as well.  I've got BB figs for orcs, and I'm planning on subbing in some Reaper Bones figs as testers for an undead or necro team.

For an Orc 1000 point starting roster, I'm leaning towards this:

4 Blitzers  320
4 Black orcs 320 / 640
3 rerolls 180 / 820
1 thrower 70 / 890
2 goblins 80 / 970
3 fan factor 30 / 1000

I lack a troll model, and like the idea of goblins.  4x Blacks and Blitzers seems a no brainer, and the thrower gives some flexibility.  I will have to scrounge up some goblin models, however.  If I can't. I'll swap the gobbos for linemen, and drop the FF to 1.

For Undead I'm leaning towards this:  

1 mummy 120
2 wights 180 / 300
4 ghouls 280 / 580
4 zombies 160 / 740
3 rerolls 210 / 950
1 skeleton 40 / 990
1 fan factor 10 / 1000

As I'm using proxies for now, I don't think anyone will care if I  swap around skellies for zombies (my reaper ones all come with hard-to-remove shields molded to the bodies, so I went with a Z:S proportion based on available convertible figs.

While I think I'll try to get in as many games as possible with the Screagles, I want to try at least one game with each of these teams.  It'll give me some sense of context regarding human strengths and weaknesses.  Of the two, orcs will almost certainly  be my next BB painting project.  Worst case, over the weekend I should get plenty of pics and game reports for next week.



  1. I like the maultier the windows really standout against the muted body. Congratulations on the win as well

  2. A great looking truck, I really like it a much!

  3. Nice looking Ruskies, I also was a winner. Feels good eh?


  4. 'If we find ourselves with nothing to paint', I wish. If I could paint at your speed and still produce the quality of vehicles you have, there may be hope for me. 10/10

  5. Good work, I do like them both.

    I'm hoping that in 2014, I can play some WW II skirmish as well.

  6. Both vehicles looking good and congrats on the book!


  7. The FOW T-34 looks amazing! Love the works!

    I am also a miniature collector painter that does modern military kits, miniatures and warhammer too.

    If you are into such stuff, drop a holla at my blog at and google connect with me.