Thursday, December 19, 2013

Blue Max Chaos


Went out last night for the final THMG meeting of the year.  Watts and DaveB brought a metric ton of Wings of War gear between the two of them, and close to a dozen of us settled down for what started as a massive allies vs. entente game, but rapidly degenerated into a free-for-all.

Two hearts are better than one.

The quarry is spotted.

This was my first time playing what turns out to be a fun, fairly light, multi-player friendly game.  I was given a Sopwith Camel to fly, which worked out well with my eventual strategy of flying in circles and shooting at whatever targets presented themselves ;)

I believe they call this a "target rich environment".

That was something like the third time those two planes collided.

Each plane has a deck of manoeuvre cards, a damage rating, and an attack class.  Each turn, you plot three manoeuvre cards, to be resolved in sequence, with your range of choices limited to the manouvrability of the plane in question.  For example, I discovered a few turns in that while my Camel could turn right on a dime, it had trouble turning left; this apparently reflects the historical effects of engine torque.

Brought to you by Brazzers.

Precision measurement.

Combat is dead simple.  If a target is in range and you shoot, the target player receives a number od damage cards governed by both the attack class of the shooter, and the range.  Out comes range from 0 damage to a straight kill, and there's a number of special effects (smoke, fire, jammed gun, wounded pilot, etc.).  If you're taking the game seriously, out-thinking your opponent becomes key to the game, but the mechanics are simple enough that a dozen players, half first-timers, can sit down to a game and have fun.  Not a game for every week, but fun, easy, and a great way to close out the season.

The Pink Baron finally meets his match.

Rebooting.  When we died, we just flew back on the table.  This was my second or third "launch".

We then repaired to Rol San, a local Chinese restaurant and late-night landmark, and feasted on Chinese and Dim Sum.  There was much loosening of belts before the night was through, and I'm not convinced my digestion has entirely recovered from an overdose of shrimp dumplings and Salt and Spicy Squid, but it was worth it ;)

A deadly dance.  Probably not the Charleston.

No, your other left!

I'm guessing Santa was piloting one of these planes.

Posting will be intermittent for the next couple of weeks, I suspect.  The Cub arrives tomorrow night (knock on wood, weather permitting) and we'll be in full-bore Christmas mode from that point.  Hopefully I'll have another post up before the big day, but if not, a very merry Christmas to you all, and all the joy of the new year.



  1. Always nice to see tri-planes in action!


  2. Wings of War and a Chinese meal, I can't think of a better way to spend an evening.

  3. I have a starter set, still unopened; but have played it a few times and like the rules and definitely the pre-painted aircraft. Best, Dean

  4. Having played this with cards, I must say miniatures look like so much more fun.

  5. Great looking layout. I have never played WoW played have played Canvas Eagles a great deal years ago. WWI aero-combat is quite fun!

    Have a Merry Christmas!

  6. They look great models and I would imagine makes a nice change.
    Merry Christmas,