Thursday, January 23, 2014

Missed opportunities, new finds.


I was looking forward to today's post, as one of the club regulars, ernieR, was planning on hosting a game of Heroquest, one of those old GW games I've been hearing about for years, but never got the chance to play.

As it turns out, however, plans went awry.  I received an email Tuesday from an old friend, who pointed out that an even older friend (my oldest, in point of fact) was turning 40, and an impromptu get-together ensued; pints, burgers, and pub trivia.  The first two were delicious, and we won the last, so a successful night in all.

On the other hand, it leaves me a bit short of content for today's post.  Foxlington did a report on the game (my favorite part is where the elf dies) so that's something, at least.

One new discovery, via the GingerKid, is, an on-line deck-building tool.  Now, instead of having to manually type out a deck list every time I want to discuss it, I can engage the power of the inter-tubes, and simply link to my decks, like the current iteration of the Sek'Kuar deck I'm using for commander, or the Necro / Zombie deck I'm planning to use with Lim-Dul.  Sweet!

I'm hoping / looking forward to getting some painting done this weekend, maybe some Bloodbowl or Muskets and Tomahawks, so if all goes well we'll have a painting post for Sunday night.


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