Sunday, May 4, 2014

You will go to the Degobah system . . .

Well, maybe not that far (Happy Star Wars day!).  It's looking like blog updates here will be somewhat intermittent for the foreseeable future.  Life's been unusually hectic, related partly to end of term shenanigans, but mostly do to the end of a contract I've been working for the last several years.

Some M&T action.  Brave French marines drive off the British interlopers.

While I've been renewed annually for some time, for a variety of reasons, I've come to the end of the renewable period, and am looking for a new position.  One way or another, we're going to be going through some changes around here, and time and energy have been at a premium.

And then fail to win the scenario, because apparently, I can't count.

It hasn't helped that my motivation to paint has been pretty much zero since Christmas.  I've had the same batch of M&T figures on my painting desk for several months now, and while I pick away at them once in a while, I've just not been feeling it.  Don't know if it's the general uncertainty, winter doldrums, or what.

Been playing lots of X-Wing lately.  Not a good day for the Y-Wing.

Oddly, my motivation to blog has been off for a while as well.  This is rather unusual, as I started the damn thing years ago in another period of even greater uncertainty.  Maybe hoping for some good news before I started posting again?


I've had several interviews, through none have panned out so far.  Part of the frustration of the whole situation is the cycle of application, waiting, getting the interview, getting my hopes up despite my best efforts, and then being disappointed.  Most of these jobs have implied a move, and it's far to easy to start imagining what life would be like in a new town.

Lately, I've been running Rebels with some frequency.  Steeper learning curve, but still fun.

Of course, one consequence of a move would mean no longer being able to play with the THMG on Wednesdays, which is something of a downer.  While most of the places I've looked at have some kind of gaming community, they're generally dominated by Magic or GW.  While I've played and enjoyed those games, I've been somewhat spoiled in the last few years by a fantastic historical community, and I'm going to miss it.


Speaking of the THMG, I'd be remiss if I didn't plug the convention the club has planned for this summer, Hold the Line.  We've got solid participation games, including a recap of ChrisB's gorgeous Ronin game, and an X-Wing Death Star run, good support from a number of companies, and a charity auction for the Wounded Warrior fund.  If you're planning on being in Toronto this summer (or fancy a visit regardless), do consider attending, as it's going to be fantastic.

X-Wings, run in pairs, using wingman tactics.  Good times.

So there you have it.  Life's a little up in the air right now, and the net effect is that blogging's kind of dropped off the radar a bit.  I've not given up on the blog or anything, but I suspect until things settle down a bit, posts are going to be infrequent.  Hang in there, and no doubt we'll be back up and running soon.  Ish.



  1. Good luck with the future FMB!

  2. Best of luck with the move and seeing he x-wing report reminds me that I must dust off my fleet and get them back in the fight!

  3. Good luck on the job front. The sooner it's settled, the sooner you have that off your back.

    If you do have to move, it can be exciting to start over. Let us know when you can!