Saturday, November 8, 2014


Hi all,

Not dead, just resting.  Well, would be, if I wasn't so damn busy.  I'm working evenings a couple nights a week, and weekends are mostly a write-off as it's prime family time, so opportunities for painting are limited.  Also not been feeling the mojo lately, and I learned long ago not to try and force it when that mood sets in.

There's been some geek action.  Got in my first 40k game in about 9 years (?) today, with the guy who's advent more or less coincided with the end of my 40k gaming.  Took the orks out for a learner game against the Cub (using the local GW's Dark Angels), and the little squig cleaned my clock for me.  Last weekend, he talked me into a game of Space Hulk, so we spent an hour clipping sprues, and then pitted Termies vs. Stealers in a pretty gripping game.

I've been tinkering a bit with my Commander decks, especially with the new block and Commander pre-cons coming out.  I'm also hoping to get out to a draft one of the upcoming Fridays, my first ever.  Finally, been puttering with converting a lord up for my Bretonnians.  Still a work in progress, but here's some progress shots.

Thinking of doing him in red and yellow, diagonal quartering, hearts and fleur de lis?  That should keep be busy painting once the jones bites again.  Until then . . . .



  1. It's hard to go through different shift changes. Completely disrupts your sleep patterns and leaves you exhausted. I've been in a painting slump myself for the last month, but think I'm coming out of it.

    The lord is a gorgeous figure and I like your idea for the palette. If this figure doesn't get you going maybe you should do something really easy and quick.

  2. There's a lot of serious conversion work happening on this, it looks wonderful FMB.

  3. The conversion work is tops. And gaming with your son? Priceless!

  4. Good luck on getting the Mojo back. By 5th December you should be fully back in the grove


  5. Good to see some stirrings back into wargaming, Markus!