Sunday, January 18, 2015

Provincial Pleasures

Hi all,

In what seems to be becoming something of a litany, wow, have the last couple of weeks been busy.  I suspect it's about time I recognize that the new level of activity is less an anomaly, and more status quo, and just roll with it.

That said, I've managed to do a little painting, I've made some progress on both my ork Warboss and a Lord for my Bretonnians, but mainly managed to knock out some test figures for the Acadian project.

 photo IMG_5458.jpg

These are Blue Moon 18mm American Provincials, done up as Massachusetts provincials.  They're in the pre-1750s uniform, with red trousers, which makes them appropriate for Le Loutre's war and the Expulsion.  Apparently, once the 7YW got going in earnest, they switched to blue trousers instead.  No idea why.

 photo 9e99f821-75fc-4000-a8b1-dd11524b7d17.jpg

I tried something a little different with these guys, using a wash for shading rather than just working up highlight layers.  Not 100% sold on the effect, but one thing I'm going to try and do with this project is experiment a little with techniques.

Next couple of weeks are liable to be equally short on time and progress, but I'll try to get in at least one post over the period, even if it's just a WiP.



  1. Great job on the Blue Moon figures! I like your wash effect and likely saves some time too, eh?. What are you using for a wash?

  2. They look very nice indeed :)
    And I do love washes...

  3. Splendid work Sir; sorry to hear that 'real life' is proving a drain on hobby time, I'm having the same problem here.

  4. Woohoo! Proper historical stuff at last!

    They're looking good, can't tell from the pics whether they're better or worse than the previous technique (which means you'll have to move back to TO so I can have a proper look), but they still look as stunning as your other M&T stuff.

  5. I just wish my painting of the figs were as good. I try though...

  6. Very nice! A great uniform and a great paint job!