Saturday, August 29, 2015


Hi all,

A rather hectic summer draws to a close.  The Cub went back to his mom's for school this morning, so it's back to weekend visits, but before we shipped him off we got down to the GW for a game.  It's the first in a while, as I've been scurrying about with work, and we've spent the last couple of weekends camping, but it was a fun one.  1000 points, my orks vs. his marines.

The field of battle - Cub insisted on a clear shot before things were deployed ;)

I took my usual boot-heavy list, while the Cub took some toys, including his Redeemer.

The orks deploy, L to R: Shootas, Sluggas, Shoots, Tankbustas.  Couple of Deffkoptas around too.

Opening turns were fairly uneventful.  He pushed forward with his Redeemer, and laid down fire with his tacs and Devestators.  I moved the boyz up, found covere where I could, and poured fire into the Redeemer.  In the 1000 point games we usually play, it often comes down to whether I can take out his Redeemer before it delivers fiery doom, and / or whether I can close the boys into shoot + charge range before the Redeemer unloads said doom.

Binky's eye view of the table.  Target #1 ahead.  Fun fact:  Puddin's favourite staff guy, Chris, can be seen in background.

Tacs move up to secure the trench.

There were a couple of key terrain features dominating the centre of the board - a massive crater, and a trench system.  While neither would help me against flame templates, they'd do the business against regular shooting.  My Mad Doc earned his keep this game (really should paint him up), but he couldn't keep up with the volume of fire forever.

Orks converge.  See that open space in front of them?  Just wait for it . . . 

Quick, into the trench!

Then, glorious day (Kaloo!  Kalay!), I got in a barrage with my Tnakbustas that finally broke through the Redeemer's armour, and the behemoth ground to a halt centre-table.

Fist pump!!  The Redeemer about to lose it's last hull point.

Cub contered by dropping a 'pod and his assault marines right in the middle of my advancing formation, backed up by his bikes

Yeah, that open space was just the right size for a Drop-pod and some marines.

Remnants of the shoota mob move to engage the Librarian

A great and glorious barny ensued, with flame templates countered by sheer ferocity and buckets of dice.  Some fun moments saw Cub's Librarian terminator surrounded by the remnants of a shoota mob:

Feel free to whistle the theme from "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" here.

And Warboss Binky lay waste to most of a tac squad:

Binky SMASH!!!

When the girls came back to check on us, the orks were pulling ahead, but it could have gone either way.  Cub still had an assault squad and some devestators, and I was down to a shoota mob and a few rump ends, with lots of open field to traverse.

Marines noticeably absent from the ork side of the table.

Although, the Tankbustas do seem to be missing here . . . . 

We decided to Rock-Paper-Scissors it, and old age and guile won over youth and enthusiasm.

Fun game, and a really nice way to end the summer with the Cub.  I'm finally starting to get some painting juices flowing - I managed to put together the figures from the Age of Sigmar box set, but haven't touched a brush in months.  Here's hoping I get some minis turned out over the next couple of weeks.



  1. You did have a good Summer with you son. Made lots of good memories and a gamer of him to boot.

    Great pics and nice game!

  2. Well done! Reminds me of playing wargames with Kinch senior when I was but mini-Kinch.

  3. A very impressive table, great details!

  4. A great fun report and a lovely way to end the summer.

  5. Nice game but old age and guile won over youth and enthusiasm.