Monday, November 2, 2015



Finally emerging from the Month of Doom.  An already overloaded Monkey took on some extra projects at work, and the upshot has been frayed nerves and little time for geeking, let alone posts.  We had a good month in Monkey-land in October, however, having had the Cub here for both Thanksgiving and Hallowe'en.  I did manage to finish up some ork stuff, and finally got around to taking pics.

First off, a few more boys to add to the horde, including another Tankbusta.

Da Boyz



Nothing fancy, but moar boyz is moar boyz.

I also managed to finish up a kitbashed buggy:


Waaaay back when I first started trading towards another ork army, I traded with a guy who threw in some bashed up, incomplete trukk models.  I hacked one of them up, glued it together with some odds and ends, and ended up with this.



The Cub also has been working on some stuff for his marines, notably Terminators:

We also took the family to HalCon this year, with Puddin' in costume as a minion, the Cub as a space marine (much cardboard was used in that project), and the Beloved as Thelma from Scooby Doo.  It was a fun day, and I came away with a copy of Star Realms, which looks like a promising game to play with the Cub, a T-shirt, and a pretty nice coffee mug.

I've also been mucking about with some of my Commander decks, including some tweaks to the "Jundbies" deck.  Now with more zombies.  Decklist, for those Magic-ally inclined, is here:



  1. Good to see you've managed to get some more progress done on these - brilliant job.