Saturday, December 5, 2015



The last couple of weeks has seen lots of prep work, a little bit of test painting, and a quick BA game with the Cub, all in the midst of end-of-term shenanigans and a visit from my in-laws (sister, brother, and their youngest) which has produced much joyful turmoil in Monkeyland.

I came home from work to find the Cub had set up a table.  I suggested we redo it with a drop cloth, but he insisted )

I managed to base and prime the "normal" Khorne figures from the AoS starter set (i.e., not the big base lord or khorgorath), and even got some work in on a test figure.  Lots of skin on the Bloodreavers, which will be an interesting change, as lately most of the skin I've been painting has been green ;)

Russians approach the village.  Goal was to get my units across and off the opposite table edge.

I also committed (via a painting challenge) to finish up a unit of Massachusetts militia that have been staring guiltily at me from the the Shelf of Despair since back in January.  Dear god, how time flies.  I didn't realize it's been that long since I've done any substantive work on the Acadian stuff.  That said, the challenge seems to be doing the trick, and visitors notwithstanding, I should have the figs finished in plenty of time.

T-34 spots a Churchill on the hill crest.

The combination of painting the militia, some reading, and the terrain I've either picked up (trees) or been working on (buildings) has my historical urges on the rise.  Once the militia are out of the way, I might turn my hand to some other Acadian figs (redcoats, civvies?  converted Mikmak?). or even further afield.

Not super rigorous history, but a fun read, and unusual in that it tries to tell the story from the perspective of the "grassroots" Acadians.  Grabbed it from the library, but going to try and pick up a copy.

My thoughts have been turning of late to the AB Russians I picked up a while back, but never painted.  While I think Lasalle is off the table now, some kind of flexible basing system that would allow me to play a range of games would be nice, and the figs are too lovely to have sit in the Drawers of Shame.  I had planned out a Russian OB for a Black Powder army (based, on a friend's suggestion, on the Battle of Priesten, a delaying action fought just prior to the battle of Kulm).  The plan's still good, and lets me work in plenty of flags and command  / fun figs, so I might work from that.  I can see the Russians emerging as a dark of winter project, but knowing my inclinations, we'll see.

Conscripts, I mean, heroic People's volunteers, experience pinning.

The more experienced infantry takes shelter in the buildings, while the T-34 provides covering fire.

The new 4Ground buildings in action.

The game against Cub was fun - we used tanks for the first time.  While his Churchill proved too tough a nut to crack (and once again, the Yanks made good use of their air support), the brave defenders of the People's Army were able to squeak out a win.

Air strike takes out the T-34, but not before clearing most of the infantry opposition, and pinning the Churchill into near ineffectiveness.


  1. Good to see the cub and you having fun!

  2. That's a wonderfully festive base cloth! :D

    1. Yeah, I suggested we clear the table and set it up again with the green cloth, but the Cub didn't want to compromise his artistic vision ;)

  3. Nice looking little game, love the buildings!