Thursday, August 25, 2016



Just back from most of two weeks doing field work in Cape Breton (gorgeous place, lovely people, highly recommended), and managed to finish up the basing on the Hanoverian cavalry I didn't quite manage to finish before I left.


These are the Hanoverian dragoons, Dachenhausen, or as I keep catching myself calling them, the Dachshunds.  They seem to have been commonly brigaded with their line cousins, who have a rather nifty mint green colour scheme (and will likely be my next unit of Hanoverian horse).


I tried something a little different with these guys, clipping the cast-on banners, and replacing them with wire and printed ones.  As with my infantry, the flags are clearly oversize / out of scale, and as with the infantry, I don't give a fig.  The Hanoverian units have some pretty interesting flags, and having them big enough to distinguish on the table is an effect I rather like.


With this lot done, there's a few things in the queue.  I've had an itch to do some more 15mm / 18mm, there's some Skorne primed up, I'd like to knock out another unit of Brit / Hanoverian infantry, and Cub and I just signed up at the G-dub for their October "Armies on Parade" event, which I'm hoping will spur me to paint up the Khorne guys from the AoS starter box (finally).  Work is shifting from summer research frenzy into the usual routine of Fall, and with a little luck, I should be able to get into some kind of painting rhythm.


I'm hoping to get in a game of something with the Cub this weekend, so hopefully will have some pics from that, and then back to painting.

On an unrelated note, "Big Lee", of the BLMG blog, is having a give-away to mark 2 million (well deserved) page views.  If you've not come across his blog yet, it's worth a look - he does a nice job of combining posts about minis and games with pics from his ramblings out to a wide range of historical museums.  Highly recommended.


  1. Nice one - I couldn't agree more on the subject of flags. You've only yourself to please.

  2. Wow, these minis (and flags!) are splendid!

  3. Thanks for the backlink to the competition (bonus entries logged!). Glad you enjoy my random ramblings!